the last day of the first year of school

Thursday, June 28, 2018

It was 10 short months ago we sent her off for her first day of junior kindergarten. We walked the short walk with our wee girl and I was terrified for her for all of the unknowns. I was worried about her having to open her lunches and decide what to eat, I was concerned about her making friends, I wondered if she'd be on good behaviour. I struggled with the loss of control and sending my 4 year old out into the world as an independent little person.

she clearly wasn't worried

10 months ago my mind was filled with so many "what ifs" and today, on the last day of school, I looked at my little person, my growing girl, and tears welled up in my eyes because she showed me. She squelched every concern I had. She freaking ROCKED her first year of school.

I eagerly opened her report card yesterday and I read about her "kind and gentle" personality and about what an enthusiastic learner she is. I beamed with pride. I marveled in the words that so accurately described my oldest daughter, my first born.

This morning, as I sent my baby girl off to school for the last day of the year, she looked so much bigger, so grown up. The backpack was no longer ready to knock her off her axis at any point. She excitedly carried her teacher's gifts that she helped decorate and HAD to write the notes herself.

It seems like yesterday she was learning to crawl and now she's reading me stories and writing notes to her friends. I no longer worry about what will happen when she's back in school next year and on her own. She has shown us all how ready she is for this and any new experience or challenge.

My concerns 10 months ago were all about me, me not being sure, me losing this grip on my little girl but you know what? I still get HUGE hugs when I pick her up, she still calls me momma and comes to me with her upsets, she still loves to snuggle and most of all, school or no school, she's still my baby girl.

last day of JK

Now I'm off to cry in my coffee for a few minutes and then I'll pull myself together and go pickup that big girl from school and take her for ice cream, we've BOTH totally earned it!