Spring Foods

Monday, April 30, 2018

I missed the ball last Monday because, well, life. We had a birthday party and all kinds of stuff going on so blogging just didn't happen (story of my life though, right?!)

Anyways, trying to stay on task, this month at least, with the Monday posts... so here goes.

Food. Spring Food.

I'm always down for a food post, especially on where I get to tell you about all the things I like to eat. Honestly, I just like to eat and as a breastfeeding mom, I truthfully just want to eat all.the.time. Okay, I'm using breastfeeding as an excuse, I think I'm just naturally hungry all the time for all the things.

I may or may not be reading this post while eating chips. Okay, I am, and I'm moving on to chocolate next. I need an intervention.

Spring though. With Spring comes Summer and bathing suits and the "I've eating like crap for ____ months" panic... I'm there, I'm RIGHT THERE.

It's never New Year's for me because I'm wearing all the clothes and no one can really tell what's going on underneath. This, Spring, is the time of year I usually try and shift gears with all things food and exercise. Read: I FREAK OUT because "what have I DONE?!"

Enter: grilled chicken, corn on the cob, roasted red peppers, grilled asparagus, hamburgers

I'm not a salad-lover by nature, but I am inclined to add a few more salads to my weekly menu in the Spring. Most of this again in preparation for warmer weather clothing. Warmer weather also instinctively causes me to eat "lighter". I find myself not wanting heavier meals containing mostly comfort foods when it's hotter weather (maybe I should consider a move to a warmer climate - you know, in the best interest of my body lol).

 This tasty salad is a go-to!!

In the Spring I bake less and cook more. Foods that sneak back into my fridge are usually fresh, locally grown fruits and veggies but also, I won't lie, all of the ice cream (I cannot live a Spring/Summer without ice cream).

Basically, give me all the food all the time with a little more fruit, veggies and ice cream in the Spring lol. On that note, I'm very interested in seeing what Spring foods on are other's plates because I've always got room for some new menu ideas! Link up your posts below