TBB Asks - Beauty Edition

Monday, March 5, 2018

March is beauty month at the Blended Blog so obviously our TBB Asks post is beauty-themed!! Grab the above graphic and link up with us below!

  1. Eyelash curler?
    Negative. I have one (or three) but I rarely use it. It's a phases thing for me and depends on how good the mascara is I'm using. Also, eyelash curling = more time and I am short on time with 3 munchkins.
  2. Favourite nail colour?
    Like pick ONE colour that I love above all others? Impossible! But I usually go for neutral nail colours, blush pink-ish.
  3. Favourite lip colout?
    Again, pick ONE colour? How hard is that? I'm a LipSense addict (and distributor) so I have FAR too many lip colours on the go. If I had  to pick my most worn/loved colour, it would probably be Praline Rose BUT I love mostly all of them lol. I tend to stick to a neutral lip but like having fun with reds and some bolder colours.
  4. Blow dry or air dry?
    I usually shower at night so will air dry. If I shower in the am (on the weekend) it's usually the only time I blow dry.
  5. Artificial nails?
    I haven't done "fake nails" in a looong time but I love me some shellac nail polish! Haven't had that done in a while either but I'm thinking I may need a spring mani and my almost 5 year old has been begging for a spa day :)
  6. Foundation?
    I use a colour-correcting moisturizer every.single.day (yes, SeneGence, again). It's easy, light and evens out my skin tone/tones down redness without taking up too much time. Having said that, I definitely use foundation when I'm doing something other than hanging at home with the kiddos.
  7. Hair: up or down?
    My hair is usually down.
  8. Bar soap or body wash?
    I use both. I love my Dove bar soap but I also love my SeneGence body wash. For some reason I always use bar soap for shaving.
  9. Bath or shower?
    I shower far more often than I bath but I LOVE me a nice hot, quiet bath with a glass of wine and lots of bubbles!
  10. Body lotion?
    After every shower :) 
  11. Perfume? Favourite scent?
    I only wear perfume if I'm going out (i.e. dinner, date, party etc)... so, not often. I have a few scents I like but usually Juicy Couture.
  12. Shave daily?
    HA!! This question actually makes me lol. I'm home with 3 kids under 5, I don't even shower every day, so no, I do not shave every day... not even every shower - judge away. Don't worry, I pick things up a notch in the summer when I'm wearing shorts and stuff lol.
  13. Favourite lip balm?
    I've been a lip balm addict for ever but since I started wearing LipSense I realized how the wax in most lip balms prevents your lips from their natural exfoliation. For the most part I use the SeneGence lip balm but usually just at bed time as during the day I'm slathering gloss on to keep my lip colour lasting all day.
  14. When did you start wearing makeup?
    I don't even remember. Probably in high school at some point but my love of makeup didn't really take hold until I started "going out" lots in University lol.