What love looks like to me

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I just sat down, at 9pm on a Tuesday night, to write a post that was intended for yesterday (whoops) about what love looks like to me.

Would you like to guess what happened the moment my mind turned to the topic and my hands began to move towards to keyboard?

The baby woke up screaming.

So, here I am, telling you what love REALLY looks like in real-time.

Love looks like a tired-mom not fulfilling commitments in blog-land because her kids needed her more often than not and there wasn't enough time, after getting the kids to bed and trying to spend a few minutes with her husband, to write an insightful, or any, post about what love looks like.

Love looks like a husband (in this exact second) trying to calm and change a squirming, screaming baby while his wife tries to do anything other than parent or clean for 5 min.

Love looks like trying, calmly, to talk your tired and somewhat belligerent 4 year old through an outburst and telling her you love her even though she just yelled at you for a solid 30 min.

Love looks like instantly forgiving your 2 year old for throwing his entire dinner to the dog when he oh-so-sweetly says "sorry mommy" as his picks the plate off the floor and hands it to you.

Right now love looks like me trying not to be irritated that my husband just opened the chips I bought for myself because he's eating them while holding the baby who just wants her mom but dad is trying to let said mom have 5 min to herself.

Love looks like late nights, middle of the nights, early mornings. Love looks like no sleep and coffee until there's wine.

Love looks like getting irritated and frustrated and wanting out but then not getting out because when you think about where you really want to be it's with the people who sometimes drive you the most crazy.

Love looks like feeling like you can't stand another second but feeling like it would be the end of the world if you couldn't, in fact, do this for another second.

Love is the ultimate contradiction and juxtaposition. It makes no sense but all the sense.

Love looks like a quickly written and sloppy blog post by a exhausted mom who is going to relieve her also tired husband from baby-duty (and take back my bag of chips for Pete SAKES!!) because I get that he needs a break too.

Love doesn't always look the way we thought it would. It is NOT a fairytale with prince charming and angelic children but that doesn't make it any less beautiful.

Love is love and this is it.

Happy Valentine's Day... I hope your busy lives are filled with so much love today and everday.

cross your fingers that by the time you're reading this post, we've all gotten a few hours of sleep lol

baby duty awaits ;)