share the love - February Gift Exchange Reveal

Monday, February 26, 2018

Happy Monday!!!

The Blended Blog ladies thought it would be a fun idea to do a little gift exchange in February.

Sooooooo here's the BIG reveal!!

Erin and I got each other. There were a bunch of people signed up for this gift exchange and I was grateful to get someone I kinda "knew". Erin is a super sweet mom of 3 and she's remarkable. I admire her because her instagram feed is real and honest and so easy to relate to. 

Here's what Erin gifted me:

So our giveaway "theme" was accessories, which meant, we were to gift accessories (in case you need that explained lol).
Erin sent me these gorgeous and unique wooden studs which I adore.
She also sent me a beautiful message but I'm keeping that to myself - I will share that it was very sweet, kind, and uplifting. Thank YOU Erin for that, it touched my heart.
She also included a $5 bill, which, when I first saw it was like "why is she sending me cash?" but he note explained it all, she wanted me to treat myself to a caffeinated beverage at my coffee-shop of choice and enjoy some kid-free time (yup, she's definitely also a mom of three lol).

Also, how freaking adorable are these earrings? Yup, I LOVE them!

Thanks so so so much Erin!! She may be sharing on her Instagram what I gifted her and you're all welcome to head over to the Blended Blog to see what everyone else was gifted - tell me I'm not the only one that loves seeing other people's prezzies? I'm not, right?

This is is for our February themed linkups (what happened there?!), see you in March! xo