Friday Faves

Friday, February 23, 2018

Remember when I had one child and I used to write weekly posts sharing my most favourite things? HA (also, I used to change my writing to cater to my US friends/followers, but you're all going to have to deal with the "u" in colour, neighbour, favourite etc because I'm too tired to consciously change my spelling for you and it's not fair to my Canadian friends!).

Where was I? Oh ya, back when I used to be organized and have enough time to write a post *almost* weekly with my favourite things.

Those were the days.

Well, now life with three kids is kicking my butt... BUT I'm writing a true-to-life faves post.

Here, my friends, are my faves this week:

1. Long weekends. Long-weekends = more two-parent time for me, which is always a win. Plus more time together as a family and all that. Also, long-weekends = short work weeks which also mean more two-parent time. Score! I love my kids, so much, but they're much easier to manage when I'm not on my own. Single parents out there, I literally do not know how you do it #props

2. Grandma visits. This week my mom came over for the day. She not only helped with my tantruming two year old and sleep-fighting four month old, she also folded ALL of my laundry. No, guys, she folded ALL OF THE LAUNDRY. There was a lot. There always is. Don't worry though, we're already actively building up our supply of unfolded, clean clothing again. Ugh.

3. Coffee. When you're up for hours on end trying to get a baby back to sleep, it's just a given you're going to have a love affair with coffee. Coffee and I are in love. Until 12pm, then all ties get severed, because, breastfeeding.

4. PizzaPizza having a dairy-free cheese option. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. Because, yet again, breastfeeding. And believe me when I say it's actually good!!! For real.

Seriously kids, what are you trying to do to me?!

I had intentions to do more but I'm drawing a blank and it's about bedtime for this momma.

What are you loving this week?

And there's no guarantee I'll share my faves next week, or ever again for that matter because that's momlife.