share the love - February Gift Exchange Reveal

Monday, February 26, 2018

Happy Monday!!!

The Blended Blog ladies thought it would be a fun idea to do a little gift exchange in February.

Sooooooo here's the BIG reveal!!

Erin and I got each other. There were a bunch of people signed up for this gift exchange and I was grateful to get someone I kinda "knew". Erin is a super sweet mom of 3 and she's remarkable. I admire her because her instagram feed is real and honest and so easy to relate to. 

Here's what Erin gifted me:

So our giveaway "theme" was accessories, which meant, we were to gift accessories (in case you need that explained lol).
Erin sent me these gorgeous and unique wooden studs which I adore.
She also sent me a beautiful message but I'm keeping that to myself - I will share that it was very sweet, kind, and uplifting. Thank YOU Erin for that, it touched my heart.
She also included a $5 bill, which, when I first saw it was like "why is she sending me cash?" but he note explained it all, she wanted me to treat myself to a caffeinated beverage at my coffee-shop of choice and enjoy some kid-free time (yup, she's definitely also a mom of three lol).

Also, how freaking adorable are these earrings? Yup, I LOVE them!

Thanks so so so much Erin!! She may be sharing on her Instagram what I gifted her and you're all welcome to head over to the Blended Blog to see what everyone else was gifted - tell me I'm not the only one that loves seeing other people's prezzies? I'm not, right?

This is is for our February themed linkups (what happened there?!), see you in March! xo

Friday Faves

Friday, February 23, 2018

Remember when I had one child and I used to write weekly posts sharing my most favourite things? HA (also, I used to change my writing to cater to my US friends/followers, but you're all going to have to deal with the "u" in colour, neighbour, favourite etc because I'm too tired to consciously change my spelling for you and it's not fair to my Canadian friends!).

Where was I? Oh ya, back when I used to be organized and have enough time to write a post *almost* weekly with my favourite things.

Those were the days.

Well, now life with three kids is kicking my butt... BUT I'm writing a true-to-life faves post.

Here, my friends, are my faves this week:

1. Long weekends. Long-weekends = more two-parent time for me, which is always a win. Plus more time together as a family and all that. Also, long-weekends = short work weeks which also mean more two-parent time. Score! I love my kids, so much, but they're much easier to manage when I'm not on my own. Single parents out there, I literally do not know how you do it #props

2. Grandma visits. This week my mom came over for the day. She not only helped with my tantruming two year old and sleep-fighting four month old, she also folded ALL of my laundry. No, guys, she folded ALL OF THE LAUNDRY. There was a lot. There always is. Don't worry though, we're already actively building up our supply of unfolded, clean clothing again. Ugh.

3. Coffee. When you're up for hours on end trying to get a baby back to sleep, it's just a given you're going to have a love affair with coffee. Coffee and I are in love. Until 12pm, then all ties get severed, because, breastfeeding.

4. PizzaPizza having a dairy-free cheese option. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. Because, yet again, breastfeeding. And believe me when I say it's actually good!!! For real.

Seriously kids, what are you trying to do to me?!

I had intentions to do more but I'm drawing a blank and it's about bedtime for this momma.

What are you loving this week?

And there's no guarantee I'll share my faves next week, or ever again for that matter because that's momlife.

What love looks like to me

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I just sat down, at 9pm on a Tuesday night, to write a post that was intended for yesterday (whoops) about what love looks like to me.

Would you like to guess what happened the moment my mind turned to the topic and my hands began to move towards to keyboard?

The baby woke up screaming.

So, here I am, telling you what love REALLY looks like in real-time.

Love looks like a tired-mom not fulfilling commitments in blog-land because her kids needed her more often than not and there wasn't enough time, after getting the kids to bed and trying to spend a few minutes with her husband, to write an insightful, or any, post about what love looks like.

Love looks like a husband (in this exact second) trying to calm and change a squirming, screaming baby while his wife tries to do anything other than parent or clean for 5 min.

Love looks like trying, calmly, to talk your tired and somewhat belligerent 4 year old through an outburst and telling her you love her even though she just yelled at you for a solid 30 min.

Love looks like instantly forgiving your 2 year old for throwing his entire dinner to the dog when he oh-so-sweetly says "sorry mommy" as his picks the plate off the floor and hands it to you.

Right now love looks like me trying not to be irritated that my husband just opened the chips I bought for myself because he's eating them while holding the baby who just wants her mom but dad is trying to let said mom have 5 min to herself.

Love looks like late nights, middle of the nights, early mornings. Love looks like no sleep and coffee until there's wine.

Love looks like getting irritated and frustrated and wanting out but then not getting out because when you think about where you really want to be it's with the people who sometimes drive you the most crazy.

Love looks like feeling like you can't stand another second but feeling like it would be the end of the world if you couldn't, in fact, do this for another second.

Love is the ultimate contradiction and juxtaposition. It makes no sense but all the sense.

Love looks like a quickly written and sloppy blog post by a exhausted mom who is going to relieve her also tired husband from baby-duty (and take back my bag of chips for Pete SAKES!!) because I get that he needs a break too.

Love doesn't always look the way we thought it would. It is NOT a fairytale with prince charming and angelic children but that doesn't make it any less beautiful.

Love is love and this is it.

Happy Valentine's Day... I hope your busy lives are filled with so much love today and everday.

cross your fingers that by the time you're reading this post, we've all gotten a few hours of sleep lol

baby duty awaits ;)

What I'm wearing Valentine's day

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

It's Wednesday and I'm blogging!! Try not to faint with shock.

I haven't done a Wednesday post because I haven't both worn something cute AND been able to snap a decent pic. Sure, I've had a few outfits (you know, on the few occasions I leave the house and actually do something) that were kinda cute, but I wasn't organized enough (or had enough time without one of the three children hanging off of me) to get a pic. Don't let the previous sentences fool you into think this post is going to contain great quality, child-free pics, guys, that's just not my life.

So, with the Valentine's theme in mind this week, I'm sharing my go-to Valentine's outfit AND makeup!

Let's start with makeup (yay).

I LOVE makeup.I have always loved playing with makeup but don't always have time to really "do" my makeup. Often it's the minimum which for me means filling brows, mascara, tinted moisturizer and, of course, my LipSense. This is all good and fine for an everyday look but I love to take it up a notch whenever I have the opportunity (mostly because there aren't many opportunities lol). 

Pre-kids, I used to go out often and that meant a full face of makeup which included false lashes. I love false lashes because they make me feel quite glamorous and my natural lashes leave something to be desired. Plus, false lashes are a fun and easy way to jazz things up or add a little va-va-voom, especially to your Valentine's Day or date-night look.

I was sent some Esqido mink lashes to try. Before I tell you my thoughts, you need to know that I get offered products regularly and don't post a lot of review/sponsored posts anymore unless it's something I genuinely want to try. I could not ignore the opportunity for some new lashes (and for any excuse to find a place to wear them lol).

First of all, I'm in Canada so things often take a long long long time to get to me. These lashes did not! I got them so fast! Like two days after they were sent (WHAT?!). Now, that was like December and I'm just writing the review now, why? Because, as I may have mentioned, I don't get out much lol

I see a difference, do you see a difference?

I think the before and after kind of speaks for itself.

I chose the "Radiance" Esqido mink lashes and was also sent the eyelash glue. I chose the "Radiance" ones because I felt they looked kinda natural. My goal with lashes is for them to be noticeable but not like "WHOA", ya know?

As you can see from the before and after above, you can definitely notice a difference with the lashes on but it's not so dramatic that you couldn't pull it off for most events (including the baby shower I attended and SuperBowl party (aka "This is Us" party) that we had.

Aren't they pretty? Even from the top down it's not obvious I'm wearing lashes but they look gorgeous!!

Even my mom was like "you look great, I love your eye-makeup" but couldn't pinpoint what was different until I told her. Goal achieved!

My thoughts? I loved these lashes!! I also love that they're reusable (I've worn them twice, both times with ease). I have tried many (MANY) false lashes in my days. There have been a few different glues that have bothered or irritated my eyes and I'm happy to report I had absolutely zero issues with the eyelash glue from Esqido. The application was very easy for me and I liked that the glue didn't take too long to dry and wasn't noticeable once dry. The lashes feel very light (I've worn some heavy lashes and can't handle the weight) and natural, both attributes essential for this makeup-loving momma.

They often have buy one set, get the second 50% off and if you're a lash-loved, I'd highly recommend grabbing a set (or two)! Plus, if you order now you'll have them in time for Valentine's Day!!

And now... the outfit.

Well, this mom will likely be doing a dinner at home once the kids are in bed because who wants to volunteer to watch 3 kids? Anyone? Bueller? So comfort is key but that can be done kinda cutely... right?

I love this Addy Poncho I recently got from Stella & Dot. It's soft and cozy so I feel like I'm wearing pajamas but don't look like I just rolled out of bed.

Don't mind the socks, we don't wear shoes in the house in Canada (well, most of us don't I think) and the boots I wore in the snow aren't exactly fashion-forward lol. Also, my mini-me was insistent on getting in on the action, obviously.

You all can just pretend you don't see the baskets of unfolded laundry in the background, um 'K?

Stella & Dot selling tops is going to be the end of me (or rather by bank account). I have the maroon one in the middle below and I think that would also make a great night-out outfit too! Don't tell Mr. B, I have that top but have yet to wear it. D'oh! Again, anyone up for babysitting? 

Link up below and share your outfit posts with my friends and I at the Blended Blog!! Can't wait to see what you're wearing!

TBB Asks - all about love

Monday, February 5, 2018

HELLO FEBRUARY!! Where did you come from?

Fleeting time aside, it's another monthly edition of TBB Asks and for February we're answering about all things love-related.

Here's goes:

  1. Kisses or Hugs? Hugs for sure.
  2. Candy or Flowers? I love flowers and never get them (and probably eat too much candy) so flowers for me!! I also don't get flowers often (unless I buy them for myself) so they're that much more special when I do... and again, I get candy (for myself) far too often lol.
  3. Baking or Cooking? I really do love both. I'll have to say I like baking just a tad more but doing anything in the kitchen is fun for me. The best part? Eating whatever I've made!!
  4. Do you remember your first kiss? Um YES! Grade 6 (young, I know) at the movies watching Benny and Joon (I feel old now).
  5. Favourite colour of roses? I don't have one that I LOVE more than all the rest. I'm just happy to get them lol. Husband - you getting the hint yet? Get this lady some FREAKING FLOWERS. Moving on...
  6. Conversation hearts, yes or no? To play with, yes, to eat, no thanks.
  7. Do you leave love notes? No, and now I feel like a jerk. Note to self: leave love notes! If it helps, when my kids are old enough to read, I think I'd totally leave notes... maybe, if I have time... and can find a pen.
  8. Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? No. I wish I was one of those cute, put-together, crafty moms who decorated for every holiday but sadly, I am not. Christmas is the only holiday that gets decor around these parts. Maybe one day...
  9. Red or pink? I love pink!
  10. Milk, white or dark chocolate? Dark!! I LOVE dark chocolate. Also, since I'm currently dairy-free (thanks Lillian) there are actually a bunch of dark chocolate treats I can still eat!! YAY!! I have NEVER liked white chocolate.
  11. Do you believe in love at first sight? No. I believe you can be instantly attracted to and have chemistry at first meeting BUT I think real love is built over time.
  12. Do you give humourous or serious Valentine's Day cards? Usually funny with a mix of "I love you so much" lol
  13. Favourite chick flick or romantic movie? PS I Love You. I just love that movie so much. It's such a beautiful love story and also a major cry-fest.
  14. Stay in or go out? Well, we will be staying in over here and "celebrating" with 3 kids lol. I'd rather go out but that's not in the cards this year. I should also note I'd rather go out on a day that is NOT Valentine's Day because it's INSANE everywhere. I would much rather do something at home for Valentine's Day, including kids, and then have a special night out with my hubby on another night.

Here's what's going on in February around these parts (and the Blended Blog)

Mondays in Feburary:

New series starting this month called "let's hear it from the girls" - check it out, feel free to link up with us - I'm also accepting guest posts if anyone is interested!

Link up your TBB Asks posts below!! Can't wait to read your answers