the importance of self-care

Monday, January 22, 2018

Self-care, that thing we all know we should be doing and could ALL be doing more of. Ya, that.

As a social worker, I know A LOT about self-care and it's something that I'm very quick to tell people they need to do more of but guess what? I'm not always the best at taking my own sage advice - whoopsie.

I'm a mom of three (still so weird when I say or write that lol) and I'm busy, VERY busy. There is literally always something that needs to be done or a little person that needs my attention. So there my attention goes - to doing all the things and taking care of all the people. The problem with that is that I'm the first one left behind. I get so busy making sure everyone else is taken care of, that my own care gets put on the back-burner. What happens when my own self-care is constantly last priority? I get GRUMPY!!! Not only am I grumpy but I also have less patience and am not fun to be around which results in the people I'm so busy taking care of being less happy. It's a vicious cycle one that can be stopped in its tracks when I just TAKE CARE OF MYSELF TOO!!!


Okay, not so easy but it NEEDS to be made a priority. YOU, ME, WE need to make ourselves a priority and what I'm learning is that it doesn't mean a trip to the Bahamas (though, sign me up for that please - I'll need a sitter, you in?) and it doesn't need to take up a lot of time or money (but if you're throwing either of those around, over here please) it just needs to happen.

Not only does it need to happen, it needs to happen Sometimes for me it means a hot bath with a glass of wine (and the door locked because: kids). Sometimes it means a hot yoga class. Sometimes it's as easy as a few extra trips around the block once I've picked my oldest up from school while I sip my coffee/tea in silence (well, kinda silence, Paw Patrol is obviously playing on the DVD player otherwise I'd be listening to the kids - I'll take it).

So friends, my challenge to you is every single day this week get very intentional about the ways you're taking care of yourself. I don't mean looking back saying "well, I read my book for 5 min, that counts" I mean BEFORE the activity saying "I am doing this for me" or "this is my self-care activity". Bonus if you do more than one!!

big list self care activities
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