TBB Asks - New Year, New You

Monday, January 8, 2018

  1. Yes, whether it's formally saying a resolution or coming up with some goals or intentions for the New Year, I do like to come up with something. Just seems like a good time to try and start fresh :)
  2. We have a LOT of snow and, while I sometimes enjoy outdoor winter activities, right now I'm going to say no! I hate driving in it and bundling up three kids to go out in it is a pain in the butt! I'd much rather a warm sunny day with walks and trips to the park. I probably live in the wrong country lol
  3. I could come up with a LOT of places I'd like to go this year but I think anything far is a little lofty for this mom of 3! I am hopefully meeting up with the lovely ladies of the Blended Blog again this year in Florida or South Carolina, so one of those :)
  4. Hair colour - not that I change my hair that drastically ever, but a fresh colour always makes me feel great!
  5. This year I REALLY want to do more hot yoga. I bought a 20 class pass last winter but couldn't go because shortly after I bought it I got pregnant. I'm hoping to use up that pass and then some.
  6. Cold. January can be so so so so cold here. I don't like being cold.
  7. The new year just feels like a fresh start. A reset. A time to make all the changes. Follow through is a whole other thing but the newness of everything feels exciting to me.
  8. Mine are down already! I like to put up decorations early and take them down early. Tree and decorations came down here Dec 30 - no decorations past New Years here!
  9. I have dieted in January or resolved to eat healthy or whatever. This year I'm not specifically "dieting" but I would like to try and be more mindful about the things I'm eating.
  10. Oh there are so many options here. I'll have to go with my closet. As I write this I debate showing you a picture... it's bad guys, real bad. I have piles of clothes I don't wear, some maternity wear I need to do something with and then a whole lot of other stuff I need to go through. It's highly unlikely that this organization will happen in January but it really needs to happen at some point lol.
  11. Chili and soups. I love me a bowl of chili with a salad and garlic bread or some homemade soup with fresh bread. Okay guys, now I'm hungry... good thing I'm almost done writing this - momma needs to eat!
  12. Red wine and dark chocolate. There's nothing I find more wonderful than cozying up on the couch with my hubby, fire place on, movie playing, glass of wine in hand and bowl of chocolate covered almonds. Yup, still hungry.
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