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Monday, January 29, 2018

So I've shared my goals for 2018 already but I'm not sure I hit on these topics specifically so here goes:

I am on maternity leave until October 2018 (thank you Canadian Government, no, really, THANK YOU. Having so many American friends and family, I am so grateful for this) so my goal for most of 2018 is to GET DRESSED. That simple. Get out of pjs. So far, so good. I make a point to get dressed do something with my hair or makeup most days just because I feel better when I do. In reality, I don't leave the house much (aside from picking biggest up from school) but it's more about how I feel. My outfits often consist of a tunic and leggings but again, I'm okay with that at this stage of the game. In short: keep getting dressed and try and do something hair/makeup-wise BUT I'm also being kinder to myself this year, so if these things don't happen I'm not going to cry about it.
How: just do it - hair/makeup as soon as I get up (before the day starts or it doesn't happen). Get dressed before going downstairs (or, surprise, it doesn't happen). I've been good at this, I think I can keep it up.

mini me and I heading out for a mommy-daughter date - it's entirely possible she's the more stylish of the two of us. Okay, she definitely is.

Well, lucky me, baby #3 means no dairy AGAIN (did that with baby #2 and YES, I'm being sarcastic, I could eat a brick of chedder with a side of brie followed by a package of goat cheese... in case you're wondering). You'd be surprised to know how poorly you can still eat even when you're not able to eat all the dairy (if you take away the cheese, the majority of the McDonald's menu is dairy-free - not that I've researched that... or whatever). I need to do better with what I eat and not because I want to weigh ____ lbs, but because I'm not eating the way I know I should be.
How: make a freaking meal plan. Need to do this. Every week. Also, prep all.the.things. I always eat better when healthy food is readily available to me.

I should be eating a lot less of this (burger has no-cheese - see what I mean? dairy-free does not equal healthy lol but so so so so good). Pretend you're not drooling, I dare you.

MOVE IT! I shared on Instagram recently that I took my FitBit off the day I was induced with Lillian (Oct 10, 2018) and haven't put it on again since (until Jan 24th) and I told myself (and others) that the reason for that was because I didn't want to hurt Lillian while holding her BUT the REAL reason is that I didn't want to know how little I was moving or be accountable for that. The good news? Day 1 of wearing my FitBit and not moving ANY more than normal, I did almost 10,000 steps!!! WHAT?! So not nearly as bad as I though (by like 7,000 lol). Now, to tone up... ugh.
How: wear FitBit. Do other stuff. lol

this past week (before I came down with the flu - ew) - first non-yoga workout post-baby. I almost died.

Surprisingly, I actually do have some friendship goals for 2018 one of which includes meeting up with the Blended Blog crew in South Carolina in October!!! LOOK OUT!!!
I also want to spend more time with some friends that are very dear to me (you know who you are) and have a couple friends who I adore and need to spend some time reconnecting with (assuming they'll have me lol).
How: schedule friend-dates.

Link up your goal posts with us below (I'm super nosey and LOVE reading what other people are up to)