Email Schmemail

Monday, January 22, 2018

If you blog, you know that the holy grail of blogging is the email list. At least, that's what "they" say. So I obligingly created an email list and guess what I did with it? Come on, guess.

Well, those of you who "subscribe" to my email list already know, nothing... I do nothing with it. That's probably why people keep subscribing, they know I'm not spamming the crap out of them.

SURPRISE, I am actually going to send an email. This is not a drill. I'm going to send an email soonish (because, well, you know I'm not awesome with timelines and my kids have me super non-committal these days).

What's this email about you ask? Well, I may be asking YOU to contribute to my wee space on the internet. No need to have a blog, be a famous writer or any of that, just maybe have something you'd like to share.

So, moral of the story/blog post: you want the goods, sign up for my email. The good news is, you will not be spammed with daily emails, because, well, I have no time for that.

Sign up below if you want on the list, if not, no worries :)

Also, if I happen to turn into a super-organized, daily-blogging, email-writing/spamming monster (this is highly unlikely) there's always the unsubscribe button (I use it alot, I won't lie).

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