a word for the year...

Friday, January 12, 2018

A word for the year...

Anyone else seen these posts and felt incredibly daunted by the task of picking one single word for the entire year? Just me?

I have always loved the idea behind "a word" but never had the decisiveness or insight to be able to narrow it down to one, all-encompassing word. In previous years, I've copped out and picked a whole wack of words because there was no way I could bunker down and pick the perfect one for me.

Leading up to 2018 I had started percolating a little on picking a word; however, stopped myself short because there was no way I was going to be able to decide. Before committing to picking a word, I decided it wasn't for me but it kept bouncing around in my head and my Facebook feed.

I continued to see people having epiphany after epiphany about their words and then was left thinking "how does that even happen?" Never calming my life or mind enough so that anything would miraculously come to me.

Then I went to a yoga class. I dragged myself out to the hot yoga studio on a freezing cold day and finally, FINALLY, had some quiet, peaceful, introspective and ever-elusive me-time. Near the end of the class the instructor was giving us her well wishes for the New Year and BAM, my word smacked me right in the face... that could have been the arm of the person next to me because apparently I was 1 of 100 people who decided to venture out to the hot room that day, but arm or no arm, the word was still there:

Ya, you read that right, it's embrace. The second I thought this word I knew it was perfect, I knew it captured all areas of my life where I want to learn and grow and thrive... Embrace.

Why? Because it concisely captures all of the things and for every new goal or intention I've thought of since, "embrace" just fits.

What do I want to do in 2018?

Embrace all the things...

the chaos of my home life with 3 young kiddos - it's loud and wild and draining but it can be awesome. I need to just let it be what it is and instead of worrying about cleaning the house just sit on the floor with the kids and read a story or have a dance party in the kitchen. They give zero sh!ts if the house is spotless so as long as we're not tripping over garbage, fun comes first!

the opportunities - I have no idea what opportunities may present themselves in 2018, maybe none, but should they, I will try and make myself open to the possibilities, whatever they may look like.

self-love - I'm quickly realizing I need, NEED to be kinder to myself this year
silence and stillness - I need to find (or create) moments of silence and stillness and let them be instead of rushing and feeling the need to be doing all of the things (i.e. in yoga class - instead of making my to-do lists, enjoy the peace and quiet).

my friends and family - honing in on the relationships that bring me happiness and creating more moments with those people.

change - this is a tough one, change is hard, but it can also be awesome (example: baby #3 lol). There will be changes in 2018 because change is inevitable, similar to opportunities, I know not yet what these might be, but I hope to embrace them as they present themselves to me.

my true self - this is a BIG one for me. I'll explain in more in future posts but my #1 goal this coming year is to really hone in on who I am as a person and let go of trying to do and be things for the sake of others. We get one shot at this life and living it for other people does not bring joy. I've not written things here because of worry what others will say or think. That's ridiculous. From now on I ask myself: "does this bring you joy?" if the answer is yes, it's happening! End.Story.

So there you have it friends... my word for 2018.

Do you have a word or words for this year? I'd love to know what yours is.

Check back on Monday where I'm sharing some goals from 2017, how I made out with them and adding to my 2018 goals :) (linking up goals/resolutions with the Blended Blog so feel free to come with your resolution links!!)