Christmas Planner to the rescue!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Hi all, your friendly neighbourhood absentee blogger here!!

I was emailed this amazing and handy Christmas planner and although my presence here is not what I'd like it to be, I really wanted to share this with you all in hopes it lightens some of the stress this holiday season can provoke.

As Christmas day gets closer and closer, it's easy to let all your holiday plans stress you out and dampen your Christmas spirit. All you can think about are things like the different gifts you still need to buy, cards you need to send, and any last minute items for your grocery trip! There are so many things to get ready for it's hard to slow down and enjoy your time with your loved ones even though that is what Christmas is all about.

This Christmas planner is the perfect way to stay organized this holiday season so you won't have to stress over anything! With over 15 pages to help you stay on top of your holiday plans, you can keep track of everything from your Christmas dinner menu to your day-by-day plan before the 25th. Plus, even if you're just picking this up at the last minute, you can still take advantage of the daily to-do list and thank calls for your loved ones so everyone gets a bit of your Christmas spirit!