TBB asks - things you're thankful for

Monday, November 6, 2017

TBB Asks is back (and I'm actually participating this month!) and since our group is mixed with Canadians and Americans and we celebrate Thanksgiving in different months, it didn't make sense to do a super Thanksgiving-specific post; however, we are keeping the "thankful" theme and giving our thanks on Mondays all month (at the Blended Blog) starting with, you guessed it, TBB Asks!

Things I'm thankful for:

1. A new friend
Well they're not technically "new" now, but I'm very thankful for our neighbours. We've lived in our house now for nearly three years but didn't really get to know our neighbours until maybe a year or so ago. Our daughters are the same age (and best friends now) and we've got tons in common. We do boardgame nights while the kids place and spend quite a bit of time together. They've also been amazing since Lillian was born and have been taking Annabelle to school every day. Best neighbours ever!
2. Something shiny
What's more shiny than the sun? I'm thankful for all of the beautiful, sunny days this fall. 
3. Someone unexpected
Lillian takes the cake on this one. She wasn't in the plans but she's turned out to be the icing on the cake that is our family. I literally cannot give thanks enough for this one.

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4. Something ordinary
Just that, the ordinary. As a new mom (again) I know it's easy to get caught up in the Groundhog Day feeling of it all. Having said that, there's something also so beautiful in the those seeming humdrum moments of every day life. Long nursing sessions, snuggling on the couch watching cartoons, a hot cup of coffee. I'm trying to revel in it all.
5. A person I've known a long time
What's a long time? lol I have some amazing friends who I have known for "a long time" and what I'm most thankful about is that even though we don't talk daily or see each other regularly, things are always just the way they always were. We're all busy with life but the friendships don't change and I am so grateful for that.
6. Somewhere I go every day
If I'm being honest, some days I go as few places as humanly possible. To bed, I'm thankful for what little sleep I'm getting lol. I am also thankful for our finished basement (thank you husband!) because it's become our retreat of sorts once the kids are in bed and I love just hanging out down there.
7. Someone who taught me something
I am literally getting school every singly day by my kids. These little people have taught me so much in such a short time. I had no idea my heart was capable of finding so much room for these three little people. It both blows my mind and takes my breath away at the same time.
8. A far away place
Italy - I've never been but I have already put my order in with Brent that one day we will go, just the two of us, and see the sights, eat all the food and drink all the wine.. with NO kids!!
9. Something that's saving my life right now
10. Someone I see every day
How do I narrow that down?! Kids, obviously. Husband, most days (haha). Dog, not at this exact moment because he's currently driving me nuts with licking his nail but in general. 

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11. Something I enjoy doing
Sleeping. Drinking coffee. Drinking wine. Laughing. Catching up on my shows with Mr. B. Reading stories with my babies.
12. Someone female
The last few days I've been blown away by my 4 year old. She can be full of sass at times but she's turning into such a remarkable little girl. She got a letter home from school yesterday and she's getting a special character award at school-wide assembly for how she exemplifies cooperation. Ya #proudmom. 

13. A special place
Is it wrong if I say my bed? lol I'm still in mom-of-a-newborn-mode and am exhausted. In all seriousness, I'm grateful for being able to be outside on a beautiful, warm fall day.
14. Someone male
Mr. B gets this award. Three kids is a LOT of work, A LOT. Mr. B works and then comes home and immediately jumps in to help. I don't know how single parents do it and even though I probably don't say it enough, I'm so very grateful for this man. Plus, he and I made the most adorable children, just sayin'.
15. Something warm
I love my fireplace. There's nothing like being curled up on the couch, in a blanket with the fireplace on and a coffee (or glass of wine) in hand. Throw in some cute (and ideally quiet) kids and handsome husband and I'm a happy lady. I'll also take the fireplace, an empty house and a long nap :)

Throughout November the Blended Blog is hosting linkups on Monday with the "thankful" theme. Feel free to share what you're thankful for using our prompts and link up via the Blended Blog :)