Thursday, October 26, 2017

And just like that our family has grown and I’m now mom to three. THREE!!!!

Lillian Ariel arrived made her grand entrance on October 10, 2017.

photos not to be used without explicit written consent

I ended up having to be induced but it went better (and quicker) than expected and even though things didn’t get rolling until 1:30pm (because I had to be on antibiotics for 4 hours), she graced up with her presence at 4:21pm!

If you're wondering about the name - I picked Lillian because I love it and we let Annabelle pick her middle name... so ya, she's definitely named after Disney's Little Mermaid lol. Could have been worse, for a while there I was sure her middle name was going to be "Rainbow Dash" - dodged a bullet there.

I won't lie and say Lillian was a "planned" addition to our family but I will tell you this, she was destined to be a part of our family and was just who we needed to complete this puzzle.

Lillian is sweet and cuddly and super cute (ya, I'm only a tad biased) and she's doted on by not only her mom and dad but also her adoring big sister and even her slightly ambivalent brother. Truthfully, it's safe to say we've all fallen in love with this little wonder and even though she's only been here for just over two weeks, I already can't imagine a time she wasn't part of our family.

I'm off to feed and snuggle the little princess now and am crossing my fingers she continues to be a decent little sleeper and that maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to write a little bit more often... I've felt the thoughts and words brewing but the time to get them down is limited ;)

Lots of love