Favorite Summer Food

Monday, July 10, 2017

Is it overly predictable that the resident pregnant lady signed up for the post talking about food? I mean, it was kind of a given, no?

Either way, here we are and this week the ladies of the Blended Blog and I are sharing our favorite summer eats! YUM!

I've decided the easiest way to do this (because I truly love ALL food) is to sum up my faves in a few random categories :)

Here are some of my favorite summer foods:


They say "you don't make friends with salad" ("they" being the Simpsons, more specifically Homer) but I tell you, I've had some good ones and there are days, especially hot and humid days, where a salad just seems like the most appropriate meal. Most people associate salads with uber-healthy eating, but let's be serious, I totally count pasta and potato salads in this category which are essential summer staples.

Interested in a delicious, easy and fairly healthy salad this summer?? Check out this one I shared not too long ago on the Blended Blog: tasty tomato, cucumber and basil salad. YUM!

tomato, cucumber and basil salad

Easy, fun to make (for the kids) food

The majority of the time it's me making dinner while the kids rummage the cupboards for crackers or something else to eat prior to dinner. That or they're terrorizing each other and I'm simultaneously referring and cooking. The easiest way to avoid the raiding of the cupboards and the fighting is to have the kids actually involved in the food prep. Pita pizzas are a go-to in our house for so many reasons: the kids get a snack during prep (read: eating all the cheese and pepperoni), they cook really quickly but primarily the fact that the kids are preoccupied WHILE dinner is being made takes the cake.

kids making pita pizzas


While we're being honest... there are some days in the summer where cooking just doesn't happen. This can be for any number of reasons: heat, fatigue, crazy schedule... or just because. Whatever the reason, takeout is a favorite summer treat. The kid's preference usually includes grilled cheese, apple slices and yogurt from Mc. D's but Mr. B and I love Chinese or Thai food every now and then. Who are we kidding? I'm happy with anything I don't have to cook after a long week (or, ya know, on Monday).

Corn on the cob

Yes, corn on the cob gets it's own category because it's a summer food through and through. Added bonus: the kids LOVE it!!!

toddler eating corn on the cob

toddler eating corn on the cob

Pick-your-own berries

Another food deserving of its own category. We love berries all year round from fresh to frozen but there truly isn't anything like berries you've picked yourself. Plus, the actual act of going out to pick the berries is the perfect family activity for the weekend. The kids have a blast (and get tuckered out) and we come home with some delicious eats! Win-win-win!

toddler tasty strawberry while berry picking

fresh picked strawberries


We pretty much BBQ as much of the year as possible... until the snow piles up high enough on the BBQ that it's no longer possible. If you're a BBQ-lover than I don't need to explain myself but in case you're wondering I've already shared the reasons why BBQ-ing is the BEST! Even though that post is two years old, my feelings remain the same :)

bbq meal

food on bbq


This requires no explanation. Summer is synonymous with ice cream and this pregnant lady will use just about any excuse to over indulge is this tasty summery treat. I also include popsicles and freezies in the category because I don't discriminate among cold, tasty goodness.

kids enjoying ice cream

Next up is is Christy, so hop on over to her blog to see what she's eating this summer.

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