Toronto Recap Part 3: the feelings

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I have already shared the details of my Toronto trip with the Blended Blog ladies as well as little tidbits about each of the ladies, but what kind of social worker would I be if I didn't talk about feelings?

Seriously, you'd be surprised how a seemingly simple trip can evoke so much emotion in one person. Plus, I've previously mentioned that I'm milking this experience for all the blog posts I can, so that's also that.

props to Nicole (second from the right) for all the gorgeous pics!!

I present to you: Toronto: the feelings

excitement - YAY my friends are coming to Toronto! So much excitement looking forward to an adult weekend away with some amazing ladies.

anticipation - is it May yet?

anxious - but what will I WEAR?! This would be an issue for a normal trip but when you're meeting up with a bunch of fashion-forward ladies, the packing anxiety reaches a whole other level. Add a baby belly and limited selection of adorable maternity clothes and it's a recipe for a breakdown.

more anxiety - will we all get along? What if they don't like me? Do I have to share a bed? A lot of unknowns when you're travelling to hangout with people, a bunch of whom you've never even met in real life.

free - no parenting for three whole sleeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

optimistic - this is going to be GREAT!!!

confused - where the heck do we park?

relieved - these ladies rock! No drama, everyone is sweet and hilarious. What are the odds? Who cares? this is great!

nauseous - we were on the 14th floor and let me tell you, the elevator was akin to a rollercoaster ride. My stomach did flips EVERY time we went up or down, which was A LOT. Yuck.

jealous - I'll admit it, watching the ladies enjoy delicious beverages had me feeling a little like a green-eyed monster. It wasn't those fancy gin-fizzy drinks that had me drooling but rather the large glasses filled with red wine goodness. Don't worry, I ate my extra calories and enjoyed a ton of soda waters with lemon... you're right, so NOT the same.

full/satiated - I haven't had this much yummy food in a long time. I at all.the.things. So good.

admiration - each of the ladies I traveled with had something to admire. From gorgeous hair to mad makeup skills to kindness that knows no bounds to knowledge about all the things. I just kept soaking in all the uniqueness these people had to offer.

bored - bus drives and waiting for buses is not fun. Thankfully, the stops in between made it worth it but I was vividly reminded that I do not like long bus rides.a

scared/nervous - let's jump on a boat headed into the rapids right up close and personal with Niagara Falls... yes, I was a nervous about this leg of our adventure. Clearly we all survived and lived to tell about it.

surprised - those lovely ladies surprised me at dinner Friday night by showering me with presents for our little girl. So sweet and I was genuinely shocked.

exhausted - up early (thanks children for permanently ruining my ability to sleep in) and in bed late (yes, midnight is late for me... like REALLY late) and days filled with TONS of walking = one tired momma. I don't remember the last time I was up until 11pm let alone at a restaurant until that time.

embarrassed - them: 'let's all go to the roof top hot tub'
me: I'm sorry, I really need to go to bed.
There are few times in my life where I've left the party early but my goodness there was no way my tired body could hold out a few more hours especially for  hot tub party I couldn't enjoy.

relaxed - truth be told, quiet time in bed watching a movie until I drifted off to sleep was sweet and utter bliss.

self-conscious - you would think as a quasi-blogger, that I'd be comfortable taking a selfie or posing for pictures in public... nope. Did I do it? Of course, but I felt so silly every.single.time.

guilty - of course my 4 year old gets the flu while I'm out having fun with my friends. Cue the mom-guilt. Yes, I was nearly in tears and yes, she survived without me....

thankful - while I felt guilty for not being with the puking child, that also meant I didn't have to deal with puke... so I consider that a win.

happy - it felt so good to have so much grown-up, kid-free time with such remarkable women. We laughed, we joked, we goofed around a lot. We talked some shop and we shopped a lot. We walked until our legs and hips were sore (or maybe that was just me that was sore) and ate all the yummy things. We soaked up our quickly passing time together and already started to plan our future adventure.

sadness - parting is such sweet sorrow. After a whirlwind weekend, I was happy to be heading home but also sad knowing that the majority of these women live so far from me and I likely won't see them again until next year's adventure.

grateful - when the Blended Blog started I knew we had a good group and although it's changed a little bit over time, I'm confident that the people who have been a part of it were for a reason and the ones who remain are as well. I not only consider these ladies fellow bloggers and collaborators but also good friends. I am so grateful to be part of this group and cannot wait until we get to see each other again.

Okay... that wraps up the Toronto posts from this lady. I'm hoping to try and be more present around here but there's still family and work and my virtually non-existent social life combined with my body's desire to sleep A LOT (I'm am creating life and all that). See you soon :)