Toronto Recap Part 2: the ladies behind the blog

Friday, May 26, 2017

My last Toronto Recap was the "all the things we did" post which is great if you're wondering what we got up to but, if you're anything like me, you want to know what the ladies are really 

Let me introduce you to the ladies behind the Blended Blog in Toronto.

You already "know" me and I'm slightly biased there so we'll skip myself but if you want more a glimpse of me, stay tuned for Toronto Recap Part 3: the feelings.

Meet my friends:

I've known Nicole for about 9 years. We met when I contacted her and her business partner to take some pictures of my then boyfriend and I. Since then she's photographed all the significant events in my life. She is funny and kind and sweet. She multi-tasks like no one I know (she works two jobs, has 4 kids, works out like a fiend and the list goes on) and she has made the biggest lifestyle/body transformations over the past year. Seriously, if you need some weight-loss/health motivation, this is your girl! I got to know Nicole a lot better during this trip and, as I've already informed her, she's stuck with me as a friend. I'm already harassing her via text (sorry Nicole). Did I mention she's a kick-butt photographer? She took some great shots over the weekend (including headshots for each of us - as pictured in this post. Check out her photography page for more brilliance).

I follow Lisa's blog and she has to be the most inspirational style-blogger. Ever. She pulls of some pieces I wouldn't dream of trying and does it with such ease. Don't even get me started on her Instagram. Look it up, you will NOT regret it. Lisa is super sweet in person and has the best hair (seriously, I have some mad hair-envy). Lisa is a calming presence and was the perfect balance in our big wild group. I found her quiet confidence admirable and it was a pleasure to get to know her better. If you're wondering how to translate high-fashion into affordable and wearable looks, her blog does not disappoint.

I've been talking to Andrea for a while and am proud to say it was I who suggested she be added to our Blended Blog group. She's the perfect addition to our group but I have to be honest when I say I did not think it was possible for her to be as sweet in person as she seems online. I was wrong. She's every bit as sweet in person as she seems online. She's stunning and so kind and complimentary. She has a special place in my heart and I can't wait for baby girl to wear the pink converse that Andrea gifted her! Andrea's blog shares all kinds of delicious food, drinks as well as fashion (no one can rock a pineapple sweater like this lady) and so much more.

This cute little midwesterner is another sweetheart. Whitney is adorable and funny and has the best stories. This lady has so many adventures to share and it's so fun to listen to her talk (though, part of that is due to the is the accent I think ;) Teacher by day and absolute sweetheart by night.Whitney was another later addition to the Blended Blog (thanks to Carrie) and it's another match that I think was fated to be. Check out her blog to follow her adventures and adorable fashion (yes, she is that cute in real-life).

Another teacher (they dominate our group) and Long Island native. Katie is so unexpectedly hilarious. She's a wine-lover like me and the only thing I'm sad about from our trip is that we weren't able to have a glass of wine together (given my current baby-carrying status). Don't worry Katie, I'll have a bottle of red (or 4) with our names on it next year!! Katie bid us farewell with a gift from home, a shot glass. Perfect gift from Katie even though I can't use it as intended right now. Shots of a OJ anyone? Follow her blog the mishaps and mayhem of solitary life... though, if I had to guess, this girl won't be solitary for long. And in case your wondering, girl can drink a giant beer like a champ :)

I can nearly see Alison squirming in her chair as she reads this lol. Alison is one of the quieter ones of our bunch and despite not loving physical affection, still let us all welcome her with hugs. She has the most understated and surprising sense of humor and some of her one-liners left me giggling far too long. She's a bookworm at heart and I promise one day I'm going to branch out and let her pick one of my reads (she reads more fantasy which is out of my wheelhouse). I find her personality and fashion sense unique and refreshing. She's one of the most original and interesting people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Check out her blog to see exactly what I'm talking about.

My roomy extraordinaire. I fell in love with this cutie last year in Vegas. We both have young kids and love to have fun. She's got a million dollar smile and it's always on her face. I don't even know if she gets mad. I roomed with her and Nicole and let me tell you, these girls have ALL the hair and makeup tips. For real, you need hair and makeup product recommendations? Ask Sarah (or Nicole). I wish this spunky lady lived closer to me because I know we'd have a ton of fun (and drive our respective husbands INSANE). Her blog is filled with her adorable fashion, hair and makeup tips and her little cuties.

I met Christy on the way to Vegas last year and was so surprised how chatty she was in real life. For some strange reason I thought she was quiet. She got a good laugh when I shared that tidbit with her. I was wrong, she has a personality and smile that lights up a room. I also admire how she manages to workout regularly, work full-time, find time for friends AND parent her two boys and run them from activity to activity. Oh I have to add that I think this lady can pull off just about any lip color imaginable.

I met Deena a year ago and am happy to report that I've gotten to spend time with her (and her family) a few times since then. I remember anxiously awaiting to meet Deena in the Calgary airport. I was so nervous about whether or not we'd get along but as soon as we hugged that was it, instant friends. She's the one who somehow keeps us all organized. She's always on task but, thankfully, forgiving when we're not (by 'we', I mean 'me' - sorry). We've bonded over our love of the Blue Jays and will be reunited in less than 2 weeks for a Blue Jays date on her way back home through Toronto. I am seriously so grateful to have this lady in my life. Her blog name alone "Shoes to Shiraz" shows just how fated we were to be friends.

Lana is the 'momma bear' of the group. She's always looking out for everyone else. She is kind and sweet and selfless but my gosh we have some good laughs. I think the most I have laughed in years was when Lana and I squished a macaroon in Banana Republic in Las Vegas during a late-night shopping excursion. In hindsight, I'm not sure why it was so funny to us, but we literally couldn't stop laughing. She's so easy going and has this innate ability to make everyone feel at ease. Another blissfully calming presence and she's always up for whatever shenanigans are going on. Her boys are growing up and leaving home and she shares all about discovering her 'new' happy on her blog.

I had great intentions for this post but after writing a little tidbit about each lady I feel my words are failing me. I'm inclined to chalk it up to the lack of writing in ages but I think it's safe to say that the real reason is that there is absolutely no way I can capture the true essence of each of these amazing women. There is no way I could write about these ladies that would do them the justice they deserve... and I'm going to end it there before I get all gushy and stuff BECAUSE I'm saving that for my next post... Toronto Recap Part 3: the feelings because yes, my feelings about the trip and these ladies needs a post ALL on it's own.

Stay tuned and go check out these kick-butt gals if you haven't already!

PS how freaking gorgeous are these friends of mine?!