Goals for 2017 - part 2

Friday, January 13, 2017

Hey, I'm assuming you read Goals Part 1 and are just so eager to see what I'm hoping to accomplish in 2017 that you're back for more. Am I right or am I right? Wrong? Meh, either way, here you are...

My last post I shared a couple of my goals for 2017 and in an attempt to not overwhelm you all, I decided the rest of the goals warranted a post #2. Also, it means I spent more time writing which is one of my goals so I'm basically just winning 2017 all over the place. Minus the fact the year started with a sick kid and then me being sick but I'm not bitter.

Okay, moving on (cause I can do that). More goals.

Get a massage once a month - I hold all my tension in my neck and shoulders. This, combined with the fact I work a lot of the time at a desk, basically means my neck/shoulders/back are a ball of knotted muscles. It's not comfortable (read: it's painful) and I am not great about upkeep. I have benefits, it's covered, I just don't make the time to do it. This is an attempt to not only take care of my body but also for some self-care because, I mean who doesn't love a massage?

Meeting up with my blog friends - this is a goal but it's happening. I think I just needed to write it down to solidify that it is, in fact, happening. Most of the ladies from the Blended Blog are meeting up in Toronto in May!! I can't tell you how excited I am to be reunited with some of my besties AND to meet some of the women who inspire me regularly. I get giddy just thinking about it. How awesome are these ladies? Well, despite the fact I do VERY LITTLE over at the Blended Blog, they still consider me one of their own and support me 110%

Niagara trip with Mr B - since little man was born, Mr. B and I have been on very few dates. We don't have a regular sitter (maybe that should be another goal?) and not a lot of people to take care of the little people. Alright, I'm also TERRIBLE at actually asking people to watch the kids because I feel bad (another goal? I'm gonna goal myself to death here... lots of work to be done). Anyways, I'd LOVE to head to Niagara and spend a weekend, kid-free, with my husband. Yummy food, wine tours and no kids! One way or another I'm going to make this happen. We haven't had a night without kids
since we went away before little man was born in spring of 2015... that's embarrassing.

Meditate once a week - I don't know that this requires much explanation... mediate... once a week.

Night out once a month - this requires me to leave the house with no little people and no husband with the purpose of having fun. Doesn't mean I need to go party it up (although I don't actually recall the last time that happened) but I need to interact with other adults (read: my girlfriends) and not be in my home. Self-care AND social time. Check and check. Note to self: plan this for this month.... who wants to do something?!

Date once a month - intentional time, without little people, with the husband. It doesn't have to be a grande evening out, just time together, out of the house without the kids. We are AWFUL for this. It's complicated by few childcare options but lucky for us we happen to have some great neighbor who we may be able to trade childcare with ;)

One-on-one time with each child once a month - I would really like to spend intentional time with each child once a month. I do this day-to-day but I want it to be an intentional "date" with each little. The bonus here is that if I'm spending time with one, the other is pretty much guaranteed to be home having one-on-one time with dad SCORE!

Less frivolous spending - I spend too much money on things I don't need. Period. Full stop. I need to get better at this.

Less credit card use - this piggy backs the last goal... buy things with real money or don't buy at all. If I HAVE to spend on credit (i.e. something online that I actually need) then I need to pay it RIGHT AWAY.

Kinder parenting - I'm not a "mean mom" but I am "firm". My kids get time-outs and I sometimes raise my voice. I am also guilty, at times, of over-parenting. I am a very caring and affectionate mom and I don't think I'm wrong in my parenting but I do think I need to let go of more things and leave them be a little bit more both for themselves and for me. I am a "worrier" by nature but it doesn't really get me anywhere and I don't want my kids looking back in years to come thinking about a mom who was nagging them constantly. So, kinder parenting it is. More freedom for them (within reason) and less hovering for me (within reason). Wish me (and them) luck!

There you have it, the majority of my goals for 2017.

What are you working on or hoping to accomplish in 2017?