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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Summer is slowly on it's way out the door... with the end of the last long weekend, cooler nights and the sun saying goodnight a little earlier and sleeping in a little later, it's pretty clear that fall is on the horizon.

While we wait, anxiously, for full-blow fall weather, we're now in the in-between, that sweet-spot amidst days at the beach and afternoons spent trolling the pumpkin patch for the perfect gourd. 

As much as I adore this time of year, to say it's a challenge fashion-wise is an understatement. Layers feel like the only option... that is, unless you can find the perfect dress.

burgundy floral fall maxi dress

I bought this dress a few months ago after sending my good friend, Deena, a pic and at her insistence.

It's one of those things you buy because you like it so much but you can't picture yourself wearing it. So it sits, tags on and lonely among the other lost and forgotten garments... until that one day it catches your eye and you think "I forgot about that dress!"

I had that day last week, I spotted this perfectly-fall-colored-but-cool-enough-for-warm-weather dress and went for it. Apparently I looked as fancy as I felt because Mr. B joked (I think he was joking) when he saw me asking where I was really going that day. Just work, I swear.

burgundy floral fall maxi dress

Let me tell you, despite feeling a little tired after what felt like a long week and despite feeling self-conscious about my body (as a result of over-indulging and under-working out this summer), I felt pretty all day long.

There's just something about a dress that flows with your every step and that's skirt catches in the wind like a you're spreading wings. Seriously, if for no other reason than to feel like a super model once in a while, go buy a super flowing dress RIGHT now and throw it on the next moderately breezy day. You'll thank me :) And don't forget to have a twirling session in your back yard because there's really nothing that will make you relate more to your toddler who is constantly begging to wear princesses dresses... I get it kiddo, I totally get it now.

burgundy floral fall maxi dress

burgundy floral fall maxi dress

stella dot on the mark and bar engravable

The dress seemed to kind of have a lot going on so I thought I'd keep it simple with accessories. I'm LOVING the look of layered delicate necklaces and these two are my faves.  

stella dot on the mark and bar engravable

Of course this momma had to get her engravable with her little's initials :) 

stella dot on the mark and bar engravable

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!! Put something on that makes you feel like a princess, you won't regret it :)

My dress is from Winners but here are some similar and equally pretty ones:

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