what's in my... makeup bag

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hi friends!

I have to admit, the ladies at the Blended Blog come up with some pretty awesome ideas for new series to keep things fresh and fun on the blog. I love this "what's in my..." series because it helps satisfy the inner snoop in all of us.

Seriously, who doesn't want to know what people keep in their purse/junk drawer/makeup bag/pantry?

This week we're focusing on makeup bags and as excited as I am to share the goods of my makeup bag, I'm probably more pumped to see what the other ladies are packin'. I LOVE me some new ideas when I head to Sephora (aka my happy place).

Without further adieu, here's what's in my makeup bag

the bag: yes, that is, in fact, a bag I got as a result of a Clinique bonus. Am I the only one that can't resist those? Please tell me I'm not. Also, I may or may not have another of this exact same bag sitting in my closet... still full with all the free stuff. Ya know, just in case. As if I don't have enough random makeup bags all over the place... thank YOU Ipsy!

makeup bag

must-haves for makeup bag
the contents: I try and keep my makeup bag relatively trim. Mostly because I like to be able to actually close the thing but also because if I pack it full, I can't find what I'm looking for. The contents of the bag are what I need for days where I decide to wear makeup lol (aka work days). 

There's enough in the bag so I feel pretty enough to leave the house but not like I look like I'm about to go on stage in a Broadway musical. The perfect medium really.

must-haves for makeup bag
Brushes - MAC - I bought this as a Christmas set years ago and they've been my go-to brushes ever since. They're not available any more but I'm sure most of the MAC brushes are of this quality. If you like makeup I HIGHLY recommend investing in decent brushes. With good care they'll last ages.

Eyebrow tools - I'll be honest, my eyebrows are naturally pretty light and sparse so I definitely need some assistance to make them look a little more... um supple? Anyways, these are my go-to tools. This universal brow pencil from IT Cosmetics is the perfect tool for outlining the shape of my brows (thank you again, Ipsy lol) AND this Madison Reed root touch-up is amazing for adding some more color without my brows looking like a toddler got carried away with a brown crayon.
Good pluckers are also key because you're always gonna find a rogue eyebrow hair right before date night. ALWAYS.

must-haves for makeup bag

I don't always wear foundation, especially if it's hot and I'm spending lots of time outside but I really like how lightweight the Dior Nude Air foundation is. It's super fragrant (read: perfumey) and light on the coverage side so I just use it for evening out my skin tone. I'm in the market for a new moderate to high coverage foundation if anyone has any recommendations!
Mascara is a must for me ALL the time. I'm using Diorshow mascara right now but I'm probably going back to the Younique mascara once this one is done.
IF I use foundation then I usually throw on MAC bronzing powder and MAC mineralize highlighting powder to add a little color.
For my eyes, I keep it simple and use Too Faced Shadow Insurance Candlelight as my base (which provides a nice, overall shimmer) and I also have a couple MAC shadows that I use regularly... and about 10 more that I keep in my makeup drawer (because, one small bag clearly isn't enough!). I'm a HUGE fan of MAC eyeshadow. 
Let's talk eyeliner for a quick second, if you love the look of liquid liner but are a hot mess actually lining your eyes, the Clinique Skinny Stick is about to be your new fav. Honestly, I kinda wish I was getting paid to say this (I'm not) but this eyeliner is all kinds of AMAZING!! For real, I will not buy another eyeliner. EVER. And to think, I originally added to my order just so I could qualify for the Clinique bonus - true story.

must-haves for makeup bag
You'll also find hair clips and elastics because, well, I have hair and it's in my face which is kinda not cool when you're trying to do your makeup/hair.

It doesn't end there folks.

Nope, that's JUST the wee bag of essentials. I've also got a makeup drawer... just in case.

makeup drawer
Wondering what you're looking at? Ya, it was kinda hard to capture and, in case you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly a photographer extraordinaire (I leave that to my pal Nicole). My makeup drawer consists of a couple eyeshadow palettes (the Naked Smoky Palette - which is probably the best combo of shadows EVER), a bag of lipstick/lipgloss (which is primarily Lipsense as my addiction is kinda sorta out of control), some fake eyelashes, powder, a bunch of blushes, more bronzer etc. 

Soooooo there you have it... my makeup bag.

I know I didn't give notice, but feel free to either linkup the contents of your makeup back or tell me (in the comments) your makeup bag essentials as I'm always looking to add to my collection!

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