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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

This week marks my second week back working at the office and as much as I'm missing my babies I have to admit, I kind of like getting to wear business casual wear. I'm basically forced to make myself look somewhat put together on the daily which wasn't exactly a requirement while home with the kiddos. I must admit, days where I was home with the kids and we had no where to go, I stayed in my pjs as long as possible (so did they, for that matter) and kept the makeup to a minimum (which usually meant nothing or mascara and lipgloss). Sometimes I brushed my hair... other times... not so much.

Where was I going with this?

Oh ya, back to work and the requirement of getting 'ready' every day. Now that I find myself intentionally setting aside outfits, putting on a little makeup and doing my hair (read: using a brush) I'm reminded how nice it feels to leave the house feeling somewhat put together more days than not. So hooray for the getting dressed part of working lol

Anyways - here's what I wore my first day back:

print dress summer office wear

found this super cute dress at Winners for under $30!
I don't always have the patience for Winners but I lucked out and found some great and inexpensive pieces lately! YAY

print dress summer office wear

Remember my new floral skirt? Well, it made an appearance at work too. I dressed it up a little with a sleeveless button-down top I had (that just happened to perfectly match the pink in the skirt) and called it an outfit. I'm thinking I might need to order this skirt in every available color... I really love it that much.

floral skirt summer work wear

As much as I am enjoying making sure I'm dressed and work-ready every day, I'm also treasuring my PJ-time tha tmuch more. I may or may not be writing this post sitting on the couch in my pjs while sipping on a glass of red.

Oh and the pjs are essentialy for binge watching Netflix shows (on that note - watch Stranger Things RIGHT NOW!! Sooooo good).

Alright, I'm thinking my brain is a little fried and I'm not feeling overly interesting so I'm gonna call it a post.

Happy Wednesday!

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