warm weather work wear and ear jackets

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hi, me again. Yes, I'm attempting to do a "style" post, despite being somewhat of an absentee blogger since my grande return to work. Never-mind that I'm writing this post at 9:27pm on a work-night. It's basically the equivalent of writing a paper at the last minute, which, I will have you know, I was kind of AWESOME at. Probably a good thing no one is grading this post though... lol

Back to aforementioned return to work. I've been wearing stuff there, because, well, apparently that's what ya do. Also, it's been hot as all get out BUT my office is sporadically air conditioned. Getting dressed is a challenge. I need to be cool enough to not be hot when going outside (I do decide to leave the building at times) and warm enough to survive a temperamental air conditioner. Needless to say, I keep a sweater at my desk.

Here's what I've been wearing to work for the warm (and by warm I mean HOT HOT HOT and humid) weather:

This 3/4 length shirt is sheer so super lightweight and good to go with just a light tank underneath. I don't think I've ever worn shorts to work in my life, but I found this pair (on sale) and thought they'd be a great work-wear option. Also, comfy wedges for the win!

I also got this skirt on sale but when I got it home I had NO idea what to pair it with. I opted for moving towards fall-ish colors (despite the summer temperatures) but clearly failed in the accessory department.

SPEAKING OF ACCESSORIES - in my Monday Moments of Gratitude post I shared that I signed up as a stylist with Stella and Dot. WELL I also got my first couple samples and I'm in LOVE with these ear jackets. I had my eye on these ear jackets for a while and finally got my hands on them when I signed up to be a stylist.

They arrived yesterday and I put them on immediately and am happy to report, despite my tiny ears,  was not disappointed. I've only worn them one (out of 6 possible) ways but I already love how versatile they are and especially how unique they are.

So while I'm super excited about my new accessories, I'm very much less so about my baby hair-loss regrowth! SERIOUSLY, in about two months I'm going to have a full-on set of involuntary bangs. Thanks Oliver. Thanks alot.

Happy Wednesday friends!

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