Styled by... Annabelle

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I remember when we (the Blended Blog ladies and I) started talking about the "styled by someone else" series in Vegas... I pictured myself letting Annabelle go wild in my closet. I imagined her picking out a hot-mess, techno-color, multi-pattern (and not in a good, fashion-forward 'pattern-mixing' kind of way) disaster. I highly suspected that whatever pics I would end up sharing, would be humbling at best.

didn't hesitate once I told her to start picking stuff

Naturally, I waited until the last minute to actually prepare this post, so when I finally let Annabelle loose, well... guys... she surprised the heck out of me. Also, it was like setting a kid free in a candy shop. This little miss was more than excited to play with all the things in mom's closet.  The only directions she got from me were: 1. pick a shirt 2. pick some bottoms 3. pick some shoes 4. pick some jewelry if you want.

apparently she's had her eye on this shirt for a while, she pulled it out so fast

I am VERY surprised she 1. picked coordinating shoes and 2. didn't pick heels. This little miss is ALWAYS wanting me to wear heels so I was shocked when she brought these flats out.


honestly, I'm pretty impressed with how well she coordinated this outfit. Minus the pearl-like bracelet, this is totally something I would wear on the regular. Maybe I should just start letting her dress me on the daily? Someone's gotta do it.

when she saw me taking pics she came over to "fix" me... girl is taking this gig VERY seriously

how cute is this?! I was dying laughing as she made sure I was "just perfect". Love this kid.

Alright, messy closet aside, I had a lot more fun with this post than I imagined I would. I'm also pretty impressed that mini-me picked out something I could actually wear in public. It was also really sweet to see how much fun she had with it and how seriously she took her responsibility. Sure, there was some playing around which including putting on belts and some heels of her own, but otherwise, this experiment went off without a hitch.

I'm still surprised I didn't end up in a dress and heels as little miss is perpetually insisting on herself being in a dress, "dance shoes" and a crown. Kids surprise you sometimes I guess.

At this point I'm considering letting her pick out my outfits more often, who knows, maybe I'll be helping inspire one of the next great fashion designers... or, at the very least, I'll be sporting some more interesting outfits in the not-so-distant future.

So, how do you think she did?

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