Christmas in July.... in August (with the Blended Blog)

Monday, August 1, 2016

A bunch of the Blended Blog ladies decided to do a Christmas in July gift exchange! Alright, well technically one lady came up with the idea and a bunch of us just said "I'm IN" and here we are.

I always jump in on gift exchanges and get all excited and then it comes down to me buying a gift and I totally stress out! lol but getting gifts, well I'd be lying if I said that wasn't super fun!!

Blogger Gift Exchange

Sooooo what did I get??

The lovely Whitney was the unlucky American to pull my name and pay egregious international shipping (seriously, we need to do something about this US to Canada shipping and vice versa - it's RIDICULOUS)... I digress... I love getting mail (minus bills... and flyers for places I will never shop... and more bills) and I particularly love when the mail is in package form! Annabelle also likes getting mail, even if it's not for her. She was pretty stoked that mommy got a present.

Here it is:

you had me at chocolate...

How gorgeous is that handmade card?? I need to learn how to do pretty writing like that... and to draw... and color in the lines. Never mind, I'll just wait to get cool stuff like this in our next exchange.

I heart candles. It's like Whitney knew! Especially in the fall and winter. The smell of a lit candle and the pretty glow in a dimly lit room just makes the whole house feel warmer. I'm super excited to light this bad boy (which won't be happening in this heat... but candle better watch his back come October/November)!

As you might notice, the marshmallows melted a wee bit in my mailbox. I'll blame the blazing hot sun for that one. For about one second I contemplated if I should throw them out because they obviously got so hot and melted... ya, no. I don't think I could live with myself after throwing out chocolate. I decided to brave it, throw them in the fridge and take one for the team. After all, people roast marshmallows so that's kinda like letting them bake in the sun... right?

So the description said "spicy hot chocolate" so I was a little nervous I was going to burn my mouth off, but if you know me, I like a challenge and it gave me an excuse to not have to share with the children (YES, the one thing in life I don't have to share! score). These were DELISH!!!!!!!!!!! Not super spicy at all but the perfect about of bite so make them interesting. Yes, I may have indulged in the whole bag (don't worry, it was in more than one sitting... at least two... ish)... don't judge me.

little cautions then.... YUM!!!! That's surprisingly delicious... might as well have one six more!!!
please excuse the stray hairs aka my super short bangs. That's thanks to post-baby hair loss and re-growth - FUN!

If you're ever in a gift exchange and struggling, send something edible. Seriously. You cannot go wrong with food. Wait, let's be more specific, chocolate, send chocolate.

Thanks Whitney, you rock!!! See you in May pretty lady!

Curious what I gifted? You're going to have to head over to Andrea's blog, Living on Cloud Nine, to see if it was a nail or a fail... lol

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