kids and technology plus KidloLand app review

Thursday, July 7, 2016

I like to think I'm not that old and that my kids are growing up in a similar time.

Reality couldn't be further from the truth.

As a child, Nintendo literally blew our minds. We watched tv, of course, but there was no Netflix and on demand shows. We had to wait every week, that specific time slot, to watch our favorite show. You got one episode and had to wait another week.

I didn't have a computer in my house until late high school and didn't get a cell phone until grade 12.

Imagine what kids now would think of that. 

Things have changed a lot.

Initially, pre-kids, I thought I'd try and resist some of the technology available. Right. I was such a great parent before I had kids lol. Weren't we all? Now, my 3 year old can grab her dad's cell phone, type in his password and find youtube to bring up cartoons. Ya, I just admitted that.

I've already caught my nearly 1 year old (small tear) with either of our cell phones and trying to tab his cute little chub fingers on different things.

When my daughter requests a specific episode of Dora from Netflix, I realize that we are so far gone past sheltering our kids from technology.

Now, don't get me wrong, it's not a techo-free-for-all around here, but we, as parents, are learning that we kind of need to embrace this age of technology and wise about what we allow our kids access to.

Take my iphone for example, I have access to a TON of apps for kids, so many that I usually find it too hard to pick and app to download (and often have too many pics of aforementioned children on my phone to be able to download more stuff... note to self: clean out phone).

Like I said, my kids don't have open access to my phone but there probably isn't a mom or parent out there that can deny their phone has come in handy in some pretty clutch situations. Basically any situation requiring stillness for any length of time is a handy time to bust out the kid apps on your phone. I'm thinking of times I've been stuck waiting at the doctor's office, a bridal shower (where my toddler decided lunch service was a good time to do laps around the table - better believe I was thankful for my phone then) and even some long-ish car rides.

When I was approached my KidloLand to review their app I was initially hesitant mostly because I didn't want to lose space on my phone. Confession: I have zero kid apps on my phone because I always make Mr. B download them (because I take too many pictures and have issues deleting them lol). I talked with Mr. B about it and he urged me to try it. Always the voice of reason. HA.

Old McDonald for the win!

What is KidloLand?
An app available for iOS and Android via Google Play Store, iOS or Amazon Appstore. It's targeted to kids under 5 and has 300+ nursery rhymes, songs and 100+ educational activities. Songs and games help kids learn ABC's, animals, fruits and veg, shapes and more.
The app is free to download and you pay for different packages or you can purchase a yearly subscription that allows you access to all current and future packages (because they're always adding new stuff). 

Okay, so I got a free subscription and access to all the packages to try it out. I'm going to be brutally honest for a second (cause that's how I roll these days) when I first looked at the app I was overwhelmed (I still kind of get overwhelmed with what to pick for the kids). There were so many sections and each section you pick what to download before using it. I also had a panic attack thinking I needed to download everything and I'd lose precious space on my phone for my kid's cute mugs. Thankfully, you download one thing at a time and you can delete files once your kids are done with them (whew).

ya, that's the possessive "you're not taking this yet" face

More honesty? Okay, when I first saw the cute and colorful animations I didn't really think it was something my kids, especially my Dora and Paw Patrol-loving toddler would like. I also wasn't sure what she'd think of some of the old school nursery rhymes (that I surprisingly remembered the words to and some, admittedly, I've never heard before). Um, she LOVES it. Seriously, she busts a move to the songs and can't get enough of the nursery rhymes. It's actually kind of adorable. Plus, she loves that some of her favs are on there - I'm talking about you "Itsy Bitsy Spider".

I told my contact at KidloLand that Oliver was probably too young to show much interest in the app as he doesn't seem to be overly interested in the tv. Ya, the little monkey proved me wrong and fast. I had my phone out and he got super fussy early (like, way too early) in the morning. I didn't want him to wake his sister so I got out my phone, he sat for a good 10 minutes watching different nursery rhymes before he decided to try and taste the app (aka eat my phone). If you knew Oliver, you'd know this certainly says something about the app because it's usually about 3 seconds before my phone (or any phone for that matter... or anything really) is in his mouth. Well played KidloLand. Well played. **no, I didn't get a picture, because Mr. B was in bed and Oliver was... well... on my phone and all**

pigtails made possible by Kidloland

In short, KidloLand gets a thumbs-up from this tired momma! Just this morning Annabelle sat quietyly listenting to Humpty Dumpty and Old MacDonald Had a Farm while I brushed her hair and brushed her teeth. If you have a 3 year old girl, you know darn well what a task these things can normally be.

Friends, I'm not saying shove technology down your kids throats or have them watching tv or on phones all the time but there are times where it sure it helpful. It's those times it's great to have something that not only provides entertainment and holds their interest but is also educational too. If you're looking for an app for you under 5 child(ren) this one is worth checking out!