Irresistible Me - hair extensions review

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I have always wanted to try hair extensions so when Irresistible Me contacted me to try their remy clip in hair extensions I was pumped. That was probably the fastest I've responded to a review request.

The hardest part for me was picking the color. I opted for the silky honey blonde 20" 200g extensions and crossed my fingers it would match.

before and after irresistible me hair extensions
before and after
totally worth the 10 min it took to put them in!! 
I'm still impressed with how close the color is

My extensions arrived and I was thankful that there was a sample in a sealed packaged to ensure a proper match. If the sample doesn't match, you can send the rest of the extensions back and try again. Luckily, perfection! Apparently the extensions can also be cut and colored the same as your normal hair so if the match isn't exact, you can take them with you to your stylist. I haven't tried this but I like having the option.

braid - irresistible me hair extension
channeling my inner Rapunzel for mini-me and plus, I've kind of always love side braids but mine never looks cute

I've NEVER used extensions before but I was very surprised how easily they just clipped in. I should have probably watched an extension instruction video or something, but I think I did pretty good for a first-timer!

The hair feels and looks just like my normal hair. I don't know what I was expecting, I guess maybe more plastic-like? Nope. Because they're made with human remy hair, you literally cannot tell the difference.

irresistible me hair extension - honey blonde
and this is what I look like with crazy long hair, so fun

I walked downstairs after putting them in and Annabelle gasped and said "mommy, you look bea-U-T-ful. Just like Rapunzel". So obviously she's giving them a two thumbs up. Hence the braid, I had to do that for little miss.

braid - irresistible me hair extension
she was so excited, I had to let her in on the pics... and then she wouldn't look at the camera... naturally

I haven't tried curling them yet but I've read they curl really well so I'm kinda pumped for some long curly locks.

I'm trying not to sound super cheesy and overly excited but I'm really pumped to have these in my closet (that's where I keep them) because, unfortunately, I have super fine hair that lacks volume in the worst way. These extensions are perfect for adding a little something and I love that I can quickly put them in for a cute side braid (my normal side braid is skinny and sad), fun up-do or just some added length.

irresistible me hair extension - honey blonde
I couldn't stop touching them lol

Maybe I'm still a kid at heart who just wants to play dress up, but these are all kinds of fun and I know they're going to get lots of use... now, I just need to schedule a date night so I can try them curly!!

If you're looking to give extensions a go, give Irresistible Me a try!!

braid - irresistible me hair extension

Have you ever used extensions?