black and cognac for summer

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hi friends! Remember the time I managed to get my stuff together and actually take some non-cellphone pics?! Ya, that happened. Well, for like 5 minutes, but that still counts... right?!

They aren't awesome but they're not selfies in my bedroom mirror, so there's that.

Up until not that long ago I thought black and cognac didn't match. This was super sad because I bought stellar pair of cognac boots and wasn't really sure how to wear them. I remember doing a style challenge and I was supposed to wear cognac boots with black pants and thought "but, that doesn't go" but I tried it anyways, I'm brave like that, and it's my new fave ever since.

Here's some easy and super comfy looks with black and cognac I've been wearing lately:

how pretty are my flowers??

So the Blended Blog is doing a Summer Style series which I have clearly not followed AT ALL... BUT, I still think the format is awesome and I'm totally keeping the graphic to help me get dressed when I head back to work in less than two weeks (**small silent tear rolls down my cheek**).