palm tree prints and red lips

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I love finding oldie but goodies in the closet.

This palm tree print shirt was purchased 2, maybe 3, years ago but since I was pregnant/newly with child last summer, I had forgotten all about it (okay.... it didn't fit).

The best part about this shirt (besides the fact it fits again) is I'm pretty sure it was under $25 - SCORE!!!

Jeans are a go-to for me (obviously) but I wanted to take it up at notch. When in doubt, RED LIPSTICK!!!!!! 

As for Create28... umm let's say this was cookout couture... only I didn't BBQ, whatever.

palm tree print top with jeans and red lipstick

Alright, so let me tell you about this lipstick because it's not your usual lipstick. My mom-friend Ashley offered to send me some Lipsense to try out. I let her pick between a few colors I like (um, she NAILED it with this color: Cranberry) and was so excited to try this out.

I'll be honest, I was skeptical about the claims of lipstick that really lasts all day and doesn't come off on anything. Like, no way. 

palm tree print top and red lips

The claims are true folks. This stuff does NOT come off. Drink your coffee or wine, kiss your husband or kids... it literally DOES.NOT.COME.OFF. 

I'm terrible on camera so enlisted some help so I felt less silly

The one thing that drives me nuts about red lipstick is the smudging. It always looks so great when you first put it on and then you're required to reapply like crazy and still end up looking like the Joker. Not with this stuff. Apply in the morning and that's IT.
Initially that made removal a little tricky, but I have found makeup remover on my exfoliating mitt does the trick every time (and my lips are baby soft). 

palm tree print top with jeans and red lipstick

Lipsense is a 2 step process. You put on a few (3) coats of color first (drying between each coat - for a few seconds) and then you just apply the gloss. After that, you just top off the gloss throughout the day. 

The color is alcohol based so feels like a cool tingle the first time or two you put it on .I read one review complaining about this but let's be serious, it's not like these lips haven't seen alcohol before and this looks WAY better than red wine stained lips lol.

It only took my first application for me to become hooked and the more I use it the more I love it. I like it so much I had to order a few more colors because as much as I adore this color (Cranberry) I wanted some more neutral colors.

palm tree print top and red lips
Sultry look OR irritated that husband can't figure out how to take a picture in focus? You guess

OH and another thing I'm super excited about, you can LAYER the colors to create your own colors. How awesome is that? I ordered  3 more colors (bombshell, apple cider and plumeria) so will basically have endless combinations to create! So excited. 

I also secretly (well, not so secretly now) love the fact that when you have fun lipstick no one notices if you're wearing nothing else on your face. SCORE!

Check out Ashley's Facebook Group: Poppin' Lips that Last - she keeps track of orders and does rewards so if you order so many products you get free stuff!! Plus, shipping is $3 flat-rate or FREE when you spend over $75. She also has an Instagram where she shares pics of different colors and shares new products/specials etc.

Thanks soooo much Ashley for this new obsession and for reminding me how much I love a red lip!

I know some of my fellow lipstick lovin' gals are going to LOVE this!!!!! 

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