Monday Moments of Gratitude - June 27, 2016

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I'm so happy you're here!! 

I'm making a point to post on Mondays about moments I am grateful for in the past week. We can all use a little more intentional thinking about things we're grateful for. With that said, I hope you'll continue to join me in gratitude on Mondays :)

Here are a few moments from this past week that I am grateful for:

Alright, once again I'm apologizing (kind of) for being a little absent around here and this post is clearly a little late. The reality is that once I'm back to work there is no way I'll be able to keep up with posting 3 or 4 times a week. 
I don't really know where things will go from here and that's for another post, but for now, here's a little boo at what I've been up to.

Little miss independent - this little princess, despite a few epic toddler tantrums, has been so good lately. She's been doing quiet activities during Oliver's naptime and allowing mom to get some stuff done around the house. Plus, she's clearly created some beautiful artwork.

Grandpa time - I had a work meeting and need someone to watch the kids, enter grandpa. I won't lie, I was a little nervous because Oliver plays strange but both kids had the best time. I came home to a clean house and two sleeping kids. Grandpa for the win! 

 Impromptu date night -  grandpa came up the night before I had to work so after the kids were in bed Mr. B and I seized the opportunity to have some kid-free time. Sure, it was only 1.5 hours but it was a pleasant surprise!

Berry picking - Sunday morning, bright and early, little miss and I headed out with grandma to pick some berries. We had a great time and came home with a ton of delicious berries. Seriously, they taste so much better when you pick them fresh!! YUM!

Beach day - my bro and sis in law are lucky enough to live within walking distance to the beach so we packed up all our stuff (and holy there's a lot of it when you have two kids in tow) and went to the beach. It was nice and hot and all three kids (including my 2 month old niece) were on pretty good behavior. I see more of these days in our future this summer!

because beach naps are the BEST naps!!!! How sweet is she?!

I hope everyone is having beautiful weather and taking the time they need to enjoy it! Also, to my Canadian AND American friends - HAPPY HOLIDAY WEEKEND (almost). Stay safe and have a BLAST!!!! 

What moments are you grateful for this past week? Linkup your gratitude posts below!!

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