easy on the go style

Saturday, June 18, 2016

I chose the prompt "easy on the go" for Create28 with the Blended Blog. Initially I envisioned some super cute outfit that I'd wear when I'm 'on the go' somewhere kinda fun like the mall or a date.

Reality check. 

You wanna know what Easy on the go means to me? It means on the go chasing after a toddler and nearly 1 year old (when did that happen? wahhhhhhh again). It means on the go watering the garden, swatting flies and cleaning up the perpetually destroyed toy-room. Sometimes it even means chilling on the couch during nap time (woohoo). On this day in particular it also meant cleaning toilets but I didn't think that made for a good photo op, I could be wrong. 

My day-to-day wear isn't anything overly photo-worthy but I'm gonna share it anyways, because, well, this is me folks. This is the perfect example of what I wear during the summer while at home with the littles (sometimes I change, but that's usually because someone has wiped some kind of food or bodily fluid on me - the fun never stops, it NEVER stops).

Oh and the makeup routine? It's a pretty intense routine of mascara and taming the browns. That's it. Apparently my kids don't want to wait around and watch me do makeup... weird. 

The hair? Nice huh? I curled my hair the day before and used this overnight trick to make them last because who needs to shower anyways?

Alright, enough self-deprecating... here's my easy on the go mom-style:

mom and Oliver on the porch

watching tv
let's all just enjoy this moment of quiet... it lasted a whopping 30min before I realized the toilets REALLY needed cleaning (thumbs down)

pretty sure he just saw a squirrel, one second later he was crawling away at lightning speed

watering flowers
contrary to my super angry face (or as some refer to it: resting bitch face) I am quite happy to be outside watering the flowers. Picking up the dog poop? Not so much. Actually, come to think of it, the face may or may not be due to my smelling some of said dog poop. Let's go with that.

**Shirt is H&M (can't find it online but they have a ton of prints and it was super inexpensive and is REALLY comfortable and light. Shorts are Old Navy and are old but I'm sure you could find a similar pair. I found them in my closet, tag still on because they never fit (don't ask why I bought them too small) so YAY for them fitting. Sandals are birks and are probably the most comfortable sandal EVER and I may or may not have the same pair in white (okay, I totally do)**

me and little man laughing
Laughs with my little man

cleaning toyroom, AGAIN
How such small people can make such a big mess is seriously beyond me. I don't know why I bother cleaning up at naptime because it's like they know what I've put away and they both make a beeline for a clean toyroom like me to a hot slice of pizza. Mmmm pizza

helping Oliver walk
Just learning to walk and stuff, no big deal

swatting flies
Between the dog and the kids the screen door NEVER stays closed (let's be serious, husband too). I HATE flies in the house so I'm constantly wielding this hot green bad boy. Look out flies, I'm coming for ya. Also, convenient that the kids find me chasing flies pretty much the most hilarious thing that ever happened so it's entirely possible that I just start swinging to hear their giggles. I mean, who wouldn't?!

Oh wind, thanks for the timely hair tousle, much appreciated. 

Probably NOT the style post you were expecting and I'd apologize except this is real life people. Now, off to swat some flies! Happy Saturday.

OH and come back Wednesday to linkup your style posts :)