my surprise look - the cold shoulder

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sometimes I stand in the middle of my closet, staring at my clothes but not really seeing them and then getting frustrated that nothing is jumping out at me. I've been known to announce "I have nothing to wear" while getting the side-eye from my husband.

I need help sometimes. I don't necessarily need someone to constantly pick out my outfits and tell me exactly what to wear but prompts are helpful.

This is why I'm liking Create28, daily prompts for 28 days. They help guide me picking something out but are so open to interpretation.

I'm going to share my interpretation of one of the prompts this week: a surprise look but after checking that out I'd encourage you to head over to the Blended Blog to see how the person who chose each look wore it.

my surprise look - the cold shoulder top

Why do I consider this a surprise look? Well, I have loved cold shoulder tops but never thought they'd suit me and then I found this one, on a whim tried it on and fell in love with it. Then it got brought to Vegas where I didn't where it and then it got hung up in my closet. So yes, you're reading that right, it was purchased PRE-Vegas and has not been worn since.
Good thing I remembered it recently and fell back in love with it.

cold shoulder top and distressed jeans

cold shoulder top

cold shoulder top and distressed jeans

The top is from Bootlegger (a few people have asked lol)

Have you tried the cold shoulder trend? 

Here are the other prompts for the last 7 days (numbers correspond to the days of the month)

And your prompts for next week (starting tomorrow). Have fun with the prompts and come linkup next Wednesday to share you posts.

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