Ball Park Style

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Alright, I'm kinda sorta flaking out a little here because technically none of these pics were taken this past week. In fact, one dates back to last October BUT I'm still following the prompts, so that counts, no?

Deena shared her Baseball Babe look on Friday and since I'm also a Blue Jays lover, I thought I'd share a bunch of my Jay loving looks.

Here ya have it folks, my ball park style:

at jay's game
From a recent day date with my main man! I may or may not have picked up this super cute tank at the game AND the hat was a free giveaway that day!! SCORE!! 

me and my little Blue Jay's fan
me and my littlest fan rocking our gear - clearly he's enthused.

me and my little Blue Jay's fan
Game day smiles!!

Our wee Jay's fan. That sweater used to belong to my poppa (pic in background) and my dad gave it to me during playoffs (yes, I cried). It's HUGE on me but I wear it with pride.

at the Jay's game
Girl's night out at the ballgame!!! 

And in case you missed my Easy on the Go look from Saturday, feel free to check out what I REALLY wear on a day-to-day.

easy on the go style

Also, in case this post doesn't make it super obvious, I've been taking some small steps back from the blog because I'm heading back to work full-time in a month and 2 days (but who's counting?) and really want to spend as much time enjoying my babies as possible.

Here are your prompts for next week: