Date night - lace peplum

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hello, Shaunacey, your resident slacker blogger here!!
Well I'm back and in true slacker fashion I am pulling forward an old pic (a few months ago) BUT I still get points because it's on theme... right? Nevermind that it's a crappy quality cell phone pic... just imagine it's super sharp (read: actually in focus), with nicer colors and it could have some potential.
Yes? If that's the direction we're going I may need a new picture-taker (sorry Mr. B, you REALLY need to learn how to focus).

lace peplum and distressed jeans

This lace peplum was purchased at H&M and is the perfect date-night top. LOVE it! Keep it casual with some ripped jeans. Also, in hindsight, should have done red lips!

Link up your fashion posts below and head on over to the Blended Blog to see the Create28 recap! 

Happy Wednesday and have a safe and awesome holiday weekend - I'm headed up north (to my dad and step-mom's) for a family get-together (so will continue in my absenteeism - in case you were wondering).

Monday Moments of Gratitude - June 27, 2016

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I'm so happy you're here!! 

I'm making a point to post on Mondays about moments I am grateful for in the past week. We can all use a little more intentional thinking about things we're grateful for. With that said, I hope you'll continue to join me in gratitude on Mondays :)

Here are a few moments from this past week that I am grateful for:

Alright, once again I'm apologizing (kind of) for being a little absent around here and this post is clearly a little late. The reality is that once I'm back to work there is no way I'll be able to keep up with posting 3 or 4 times a week. 
I don't really know where things will go from here and that's for another post, but for now, here's a little boo at what I've been up to.

Little miss independent - this little princess, despite a few epic toddler tantrums, has been so good lately. She's been doing quiet activities during Oliver's naptime and allowing mom to get some stuff done around the house. Plus, she's clearly created some beautiful artwork.

Grandpa time - I had a work meeting and need someone to watch the kids, enter grandpa. I won't lie, I was a little nervous because Oliver plays strange but both kids had the best time. I came home to a clean house and two sleeping kids. Grandpa for the win! 

 Impromptu date night -  grandpa came up the night before I had to work so after the kids were in bed Mr. B and I seized the opportunity to have some kid-free time. Sure, it was only 1.5 hours but it was a pleasant surprise!

Berry picking - Sunday morning, bright and early, little miss and I headed out with grandma to pick some berries. We had a great time and came home with a ton of delicious berries. Seriously, they taste so much better when you pick them fresh!! YUM!

Beach day - my bro and sis in law are lucky enough to live within walking distance to the beach so we packed up all our stuff (and holy there's a lot of it when you have two kids in tow) and went to the beach. It was nice and hot and all three kids (including my 2 month old niece) were on pretty good behavior. I see more of these days in our future this summer!

because beach naps are the BEST naps!!!! How sweet is she?!

I hope everyone is having beautiful weather and taking the time they need to enjoy it! Also, to my Canadian AND American friends - HAPPY HOLIDAY WEEKEND (almost). Stay safe and have a BLAST!!!! 

What moments are you grateful for this past week? Linkup your gratitude posts below!!

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#whatmomsgoogle - toddler tantrums

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Welcome to #whatmomsgoogle where your two resident hot-mess-moms discuss what real moms are googling. We don't promise to be right but we do promise to be real and it's highly likely you'll leave feeling better about your parenting. Or, at the very least, slightly entertained. 

This week's google search:

Toddler tantrums

why does my toddler
Thankfully no waking up screaming here.
Been hit? Check!
Toddler hit self? Check!
Felt like toddler hated me? Double check (like once a day)!!

I have good news and bad news about this topic.

The good news is, if you're going through regular toddler tantrums than I'm right there with ya sister. I'm here to commiserate and validate that, though seemingly wild and crazy, this is a normal stage (at least that's what I'm told and I'm going with that).

The bad news? I'm right there with ya sister. I WISH this was one of those things were I was on the other side and could offer a "don't worry it gets better, I know from experience".... Ya, not there yet. Is there a 'there'? Please, for the love of all things good in the world let there be a 'there'.

mom and smiling toddler
She looks quite angelic doesn't she? She truly can be but there are other times... times I can't reconcile that the girl in the picture is the same one throwing toys or screaming bloody murder because I asked her to eat the dinner she asked be made for her.

What is a tantrum?

Here's what momma Google has to say:

definition of tantrum
informal hissy fit? Anyone else wondering what a formal hissy fit might look like? Does aforementioned toddler dress up in her finest before losing her shit? 4 course dinner then tantrum? #confused

The key word being "uncontrolled". Perhaps it's just my experience (please tell me it's not) but I might also add something about 'for the most seemingly insignificant of reasons', 'lasting longer than you ever imagined possible' and something about being completely irrational. Yup, sounds about right.

Like most things, there's a spectrum of tantrums. I imagine it starting at "silent refusal to listen or cooperate" and ending at "full on demonic possession". 

grumpy toddler
this was one started on the "silent refusal" end of the spectrum and naturally took place during family photos. Super. I have to give it to her, girl NAILED the look of disgust.

If you've experienced the "full on demonic possession" then you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's the tantrum where, right in the middle, you look at your darling child and seriously consider whether or not this is, in fact, a Poltergeist-type situation because this is clearly NOT your child.

Then, and often for no reason at all, they snap out of it (or the demon leaves, whatever) and go on as if nothing happened. You're left dumbfounded - all of that for what? 

It's draining (for both parent and tot) and usually confusing (for both parent and tot) and you never quite know when you're going to get a tantrum (although, you can bet you'll be in the middle of handling raw meat for dinner or in the grocery store on the busiest day of the year because... well, why not?).

Just like you never know WHEN they are going to happen, understanding WHY they happen is a whole other challenge. Seriously, to say tantrums are unpredictable is putting it mildly. 

will my toddler
hahahah okay this isn't relevant but I had to include it because... UNIBROW. Seriously, I think I laughed for 20 minutes... and then I checked my kid's brows. Also, I the REAL question we got was "will my threenager be an asshole forever?" and NO it wasn't me that submitted it... swear. I'm pretty sure the answer is "no" but that could be wishful thinking. 

Some reasons my toddler has thrown a tantrum:

She didn't want to go inside/outside - sometimes being inside is the most fun EVER and sometimes being outside is the most fun EVER. Usually the "most fun" times are inconviently opposite of when I actually need my child in or out of the house. This causes all kinds of issues when you've got stuff to do. Need to make dinner? No, she's having WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much fun outside. Doctor's appointment? A little challenging to get out of the house when your toddler is flailing around like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.

I bought the wrong toothpaste - we got past the initial battle over actually brushing her teeth and then she realized I bought new toothpaste. NOT the My Little Pony one. What was I thinking? Don't worry, after a 30 minute meltdown she tried the new toothpaste and now eats it off the toothbrush before I can even get her teeth cleaned.

Her bike wouldn't move while she pressed the brakes - Bike riding will be fun I thought. Teaching her to ride will be an experience I thought. Ya, an experience it was friends. Daddy will now be the one to teach her how to ride her bike.

I peeled her banana - again, what was I thinking?

I put on the wrong episode of Dora - because I should obviously know and have readily available the exact episode she is thinking of. Right. I'll work on that (OR we could go back to the time where we had to wait for the once a week the show we liked was actually on the freaking tv). #generationnetflix

She wanted to wear the star-shaped sunglasses and I brought the heart-shaped ones - sorry child, was focused on your eyes not burning in the hot sun as opposed to the shape of your lenses. Should have asked.

She was not allowed to have a freezie before breakfast - worst mom EVER! Why wouldn't I want my child hopped up on frozen sugar first thing in the morning? Momma needs coffee, THAT'S why.

She asked for chicken fingers and fries, I made chicken fingers and fries - because sometimes, even when you do exactly what they ask, they freak out anyways, just to keep things interesting.

hell hath no fury like a toddler who just heard the word "no"

I have quickly learned that pretty much anything has tantrum potential and sometimes you'll never really know.

You might never figure it out because the reason for the tantrum is rarely ever the actual reason.

We're dealing with (usually adorable) little people who have undeveloped coping skills and haven't learned how to effectively deal with their emotions. For older toddlers, they might not be able to communicate OR things might not be going the way they hoped and a tantrum is their way to try and control the situation (by being completely out of control - I think the irony is lost on them... just sayin').

The first few tantrums I think I just stood, mouth agape, staring in disbelief at my child who I barely recognized in that moment wondering "what (the F) is happening right now?"
I tried to talk.
I tried to engage
I tried to reason.
I tried to support.
I struggled for power.

Ya.... you all know how that went.
For the most part, there's no reason in the middle of a tantrum, sometimes even a conversation is out of the question.

We have a few tantrums under our belt now (and by a "few", I mean quite a few... like yesterday) so here are some things I'm learning/have learned

baby pulling toddler's hair
if you're looking to incite a tantrum, just add a grabby sibling and it's just a matter of time

Toddler Tantrum Tips (say that 3 times fast)

Keep your cool - your toddler doesn't have the ability to manage his or her emotions so it's absolutely essential that you do. 1. to model the behavior and 2. because a tandem tantrum with parent and child will never end well. Ever.
This is so much easier said than done but it's so so important. I have, during many a tantrum, tried to get my toddler to take deep breathes and count to 10 with me. She sometimes cooperates but truthfully, I'm pretty sure this activity is more for me than her.

Distraction - if you're not in the thick of an epic tantrum you might be able to distract your child before things kick into high gear. This does NOT always work but I usually try. Having said that I'm careful how I distract. For example, if she's freaking out because she doesn't want to eat the dinner I made her (that she asked for - an no, I'm NOT a short-order cook, but sometimes I let her pick) I will distract her with something not food related, like seeing if she wants to color for a few minutes. I will NOT make her another meal or distract her with other food (unless it's on the plate I prepared for her).

Ignore/take a break - step away from the child. Seriously, if they're losing it and you're about to, just take a break. If you try and reason and talk in the middle of a tantrum, you're very likely going to get more frustrated. Your child cannot reason right now because their brain has literally been hijacked by emotion. You can't talk them out of it (I know, I've tried) and as frustrating as it is, some tantrums just need to run their course. Make sure they're safe and give them time to cool down. During the most outrageous tantrums, I take little miss sassy pants to her room, put her in her bed and tell her to call me when she's ready to talk. She always gets there.

Be firm but kind - older toddlers often throw tantrums when they want something they can't have. It might be easy to end the tantrum by just giving them what they want and, depending on what that is, you may choose this route; however, you can't allow your child to get what they want all the time. Mostly, because that's not how life works (though, if that changes I would like a million dollars, world's largest shoe collection and a never-ending supply of nice red wine - thank you very much). Yes, it might mean you have to deal with a tantrum, but they also need to know they can't have whatever they want, whenever they want it. I'll use the food example, if I prepare a meal (especially one I know my child likes or has requested) I will NOT make another meal just because my toddler has decided that's not what she wants anymore. Non-negotiable. I am kind about it though, or I try to be, and will say "I know you like _____ and that's why I made it for you, I'm not going to be making another dinner". The other night little miss had a 45 min meltdown because she didn't want what I made (and I had let her pick so her refusal was beyond me). I let her cool down in another room, when she was done she simply stopped, walked over to the table and ate her dinner (much to my disbelief... and yes, I uttered a big "WTF" under my breath when she started gobbling the "disgusting" meal.

Talk it over and hug it out - while chatting during a tantrum is typically not the most productive, it's essential after. I ALWAYS talk to my toddler once she's calmed down. We talk about how she acted, how I acted, how she felt (if she can verbalize that) and how she thinks I felt. We also talk about what could have gone differently (in toddler appropriate language). I ALWAYS tell her I love her and see if she wants a hug (she always does and truthfully, I usually need one too).

Look for patterns - you might notice after a few tantrums that some patterns emerge. This won't help solve all the tantrums but it could help you avoid a few. The first thing I ask when my toddler is having a tantrum is if she was hungry, tired, bored or needing attention. It's almost always a yes to one or more. Sometimes that's unavoidable, like when she missed nap and I'm trying to make dinner. I clearly can't shower her with adoration while I'm breading raw meat; however, if I'm on the ball (NOT always the case) I can give her a snack and make sure she's busy while I'm doing what I need to do.
Do tantrums normally happen around certain times of the day or around certain issues? For us it's usually pre-dinner or at dinner and is around food. Toddlers and food is a whole other post (or entire blog) but I know that this is one area where a lot of toddlers tantrum because it's the one area they can exhibit control when they're feeling otherwise pretty powerless. Fair enough, does't make it any less frustrating when you're a parent dealing with a child who is repeatedly refusing to eat things you know they like (not that I'm bitter). In this case, I find that sometimes if I give her control it reduces the likelihood of a tantrum. For example "if you don't like it, you don't have to eat it but you do need to sit at the table while we eat"... you know what? She usually eats eventually. Bottom-line - if you think about the patterns of your toddler's tantrums, there likely are some. Try your best to come up with ways to avoid tantrums before they start (without allowing your tot to be a little dictator).

Pick your battles - this is a pre-tantrum thing. I know my child and I don't agree on a lot of things. I have ideas about how things should go and so does she; however, some things are just not worth a conflict. We're dealing with little people, people who are trying to figure out who they are and find some kind in independence. As parents, it's our responsibility to foster that but also ensure they're safe. I try to have a list in my head of things that are non-negotiable. For example, anything that has to do with safety is non-negotiable and no matter how upset she gets, I'm not relenting. For that reason she must be buckled in her car seat properly no matter how much she protests, she is not allowed to run into the road or parking lot no matter how carefree she feels and she is not allowed to hit her brother (for his safety, obviously). Having said that, I've learned that there's not point arguing about what dress she's wearing, whether her shoes and hat match her outfit or how her hair is. Sure, I like my child to look super cute (which she is anyways) but if it makes her feel like she has some control and saves me a battle royale then she can wear the pink shirt with the red pants and purple rain boots **cringe**

toddler tantrum tips

Now before you go rushing over to see what the ever-witty Abbie has to say, please validate me by telling me about your child's epic tantrums. No really, I need this.

AND don't forget to come back next week to see how we answer your burning mom questions... or questions about burning something. Whatever.

Click HERE to ask... you know you want to.

Ball Park Style

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Alright, I'm kinda sorta flaking out a little here because technically none of these pics were taken this past week. In fact, one dates back to last October BUT I'm still following the prompts, so that counts, no?

Deena shared her Baseball Babe look on Friday and since I'm also a Blue Jays lover, I thought I'd share a bunch of my Jay loving looks.

Here ya have it folks, my ball park style:

at jay's game
From a recent day date with my main man! I may or may not have picked up this super cute tank at the game AND the hat was a free giveaway that day!! SCORE!! 

me and my little Blue Jay's fan
me and my littlest fan rocking our gear - clearly he's enthused.

me and my little Blue Jay's fan
Game day smiles!!

Our wee Jay's fan. That sweater used to belong to my poppa (pic in background) and my dad gave it to me during playoffs (yes, I cried). It's HUGE on me but I wear it with pride.

at the Jay's game
Girl's night out at the ballgame!!! 

And in case you missed my Easy on the Go look from Saturday, feel free to check out what I REALLY wear on a day-to-day.

easy on the go style

Also, in case this post doesn't make it super obvious, I've been taking some small steps back from the blog because I'm heading back to work full-time in a month and 2 days (but who's counting?) and really want to spend as much time enjoying my babies as possible.

Here are your prompts for next week:

Monday Moments of Gratitude - June 20, 2016

Monday, June 20, 2016

I'm so happy you're here!! 

I'm making a point to post on Mondays about moments I am grateful for in the past week. We can all use a little more intentional thinking about things we're grateful for. With that said, I hope you'll continue to join me in gratitude on Mondays :)

Here are a few moments from this past week that I am grateful for:

This week's theme: sunny days

Mommy's little helper - alright, I'm deviating from the theme off the hop, but you can see the sun coming in through the blinds so that still kinda counts, no? Anyways, little miss has been the cutest little thing wanting to help ALL the time. She's helped me make pancakes, bake banana bread and even feeding her brother. He clearly does not mind at all. Serious stuff folks.

Trips to the park - sorry to my Instagram followers who have seen this already. We've been embracing the sunny days and taking daily trips to the park. Clearly not enjoying ourselves at all!

Trouble maker causing trouble - this little guy is a handful to say the least. Thank goodness the dog doesn't mind him digging around while he's trying to eat.

Peonies!!! - judging from Instagram alone, I'm clearly not the only one who has been on peony watch. I was so happy to see so many blooms this week!!! We won't talk about how the dog trampled the entire bush.... that's a story for a less happy post. 

Baby snuggles - my bro and his wife came over on Saturday with my niece, Grace. Oh how I love little tiny squishy baby snuggles. No, I don't want one, but my goodness they're freaking cute. And so much more so when you can give them back!

Little miss sassy pants - I think this pic says it all. THIS is what I'm dealing with folks. Cute as all get out but attitude for DAYS! Honestly, the hilarity doesn't stop and I'm so grateful for her sweet smile and her personality that doesn't quit (even though I curse it at times lol).

Cool stuff with dad - Father's day means all kinds of things but for us it means exploring. Daddy chose going out for lunch and a walk down by the bay. SOLD! Kids loved it as much as he did even if it meant getting soaked!

Naptime - you know what happens at naptime? Mom and dad have a beer while sitting in the sprinkler! So refreshing! Also, I'm clearly not a bathing suit model, I'm over it so you should probably be too.

Daddy daughter cuteness - yup, cutest ever. I love seeing my man with his little prince and princess. They might not realize it now but they're the luckiest kids in the world.

dad, dog and toddler

Cheezie face - because obviously a face covered in cheezies is the best thing EVER!!!!!! I'm still smiling at the thought of her cheese-filled giggles.

\toddler eating cheezies

What moments are you grateful for this past week? Linkup your gratitude posts below!!

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#whatmomsgoogle - mom milestones

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Welcome to #whatmomsgoogle where your two resident hot-mess-moms discuss what real moms are googling. We don't promise to be right but we do promise to be real and it's highly likely you'll leave feeling better about your parenting. Or, at the very least, slightly entertained. 

This week's google search: mommy milestones 

We talk about all things baby ALL the time because, let's be serious, once those little things are here they kind of take over.I distinctly remember talking about all things baby ALL the time (okay, that hasn't changed entirely) but sometimes this was at the exclusion of myself.

HELLO!!!! We givers-of-life matter too and we have our own milestones to muddle through.

Let's get back to mom, afterall there have also been many a Google queries about mom-stuff too.

We're talking Mom Milestones

mommy milestones by simply shaunacey
 OH LOOK! Daddy's Home... thank God!

Before we delve right into it, there's needs to be a disclaimer because, just like the baby milestones, moms will hit these (or not) whenever the heck they're good and ready. You might get timelines from your doc, from Google or from your mom-friends but guess what? Just like those stubborn babes of ours, YOU get to do these all in your own time (some, whether you like it or not. See: revenge of the uterus).

Gettin' jiggy with it - no, I don't mean the first time you bust a move to an old school Will Smith tune (although, that's fun too) I'm talking sex (dad, for the love of all things good in the world STOP reading NOW)........ we good? Dad-free? Cool, let's do this (sorry, had to). You might have had a beautiful, medication-free birth with no tearing (congrats to you) OR you may have gotten all the drugs, all the snipping and all the stitches (in which case, your hubs may also be scarred for life). You may have had a c-section OR any mix of the aforementioned. For the most part, despite how your babe arrived, your body went through some kind of trauma. Your doctor will likely tell you to wait the obligatory 6 weeks before getting cozy with your partner. At 5 weeks, you might feel fan-freaking-tastic and decide you're ready to give it a go. OR you might decide to tell your partner that your doctor recommended waiting 3 months post-baby. Hypothetically. 
For most, it's kinda scary on many levels to even consider getting busy after a baby. I won't lie, I was terrified, after each kid. Like watching Carrie for the first time scared. Then there's the whole "I don't want to make another one of these things EVER" and "I could be sleeping right now". If you've been there, you know what I'm talking about and if you haven't or are there right now here's what I suggest: talk to your partner, be kind to yourself, take the time you need and for the love of God, be quiet! You wake that baby and you'll never do it again!

ALL the wine - and by "all the wine" I mean half a glass because even sniffing the cork after not drinking for 9 months might be enough to get ya all warm and fuzzy. Pretty much the entire 9 months of my pregnancy I longed for a glass of red and then I had a few sips and was like 'WHOA'. So, ya know, have the wine but be careful. Also, a few sips may or may not help with the above mentioned milestone - just sayin'.

we don't typically huddle around the computer to drink wine and watch a movie but the power was out *hence the romantic ambiance - don't worry, it's NOT normal*

Solo chats about the kids - aka Date night. I longed for a date with Mr. B after both children and then I realized, during our first child-free time together, that ALL we talked about the entire time was the kids. And the worrying... oh the worry. Then I, with the baby radar, managed to spot every single baby and child in the vicinity and played peek-a-boo while sipping my beer and missing my babies. I think this is normal and I know it gets better the more dates you have. Trust me when I say, if you have trustworthy people to watch your kids, go on dates, go on lots of dates. Eventually, you'll be able to enjoy each other's company at a level kinda sorta close to pre-kids and I promise you'll talk about the children a little bit less each time but you'll still stalk your phone for any evidence things are amiss. #momlife

mom milestone - day date at jays game
day date!! This was later on in our post-kid dating journey so we were able to focus on the game and not talk kids the entire time. Go Jays, I mean us, go us.

Revenge of the Uterus - or, as some people refer to it, your first post-partum period (and for me the 5 subsequent ones too - the fun never stops folks). Seriously, SERIOUSLY is this just me? I was NOT prepared for this one. I kind of ignorantly expected menstrual cycles to just get back to the way they were before pregnancy. Well now I feel dumb. Instead, it was like my insides were possessed by some kind of woman-hating demon and the only way to exorcise said beast was by not-so-gently shedding the entire contents of my body. Ya. Fun. And while we're being all TMI up in here, I obviously need to tell you that I was blessed with my first revenge of the uterus my first day in Vegas. Apparently I have quite the spiteful little uterus, thanks buddy.

I don't even want to know what my angry uterus looks like. I really don't.

Moms night out - sounds fun, doesn't it? If you're anything like me your first moms night out will consist of two drinks over an early dinner and home before bedtime (theirs, not yours - although, not too far off). Baby steps. Sometimes it's easier to work your way up to these things. I took a trip to Vegas 9 months after having baby #2 but had to work my way up to that by gradually leaving the house for longer periods of time (rough, right?). I told myself I was doing this for him, but the truth of the matter is it was me that needed the graduated distance so that I didn't breakdown while away. He survived and despite the revenge of the uterus mentioned above, I not only made it through but had an amazing, albeit crampy, time. 
My point? Part of me wants to tell you to get out when you're ready but being really ready and needing it were two different things for me. I wanted to be all and do all and putting myself first was not something I was good at. So, if you're a mom needing a push, GET OUT!!! Go for a drink, or a walk, or a yoga class OR to Vegas, whatever your jam.

mom milestone - girls night out
ya, that's red wine (and expensive stuff too) in pricey cups. Don't judge.

A night filled with sleep - you (rightly) decided the few consecutive hours of sleep were more important than getting jiggy and then you wake up in a cold sweat because it's hours past your babe's typical early wake-up time. You panic. We ALL panic. You'll stalk the monitor and you might even sneak into the baby's room and either be loud enough to wake said sleeping baby OR hover with your hand just under their nose to ensure they're breathing. I mean, that's what I heard people do. 
The first time your baby sleeps for a long stretch usually isn't the bliss you imagined it would be. I could tell you to enjoy it, embrace it, but if I did that you'd be sitting there, milk soaked shirt and aching breasts while panicking that something is wrong with your baby. We wait for this day and for some of us we wait a long-ass time and then when it comes we are in full-blown panic mode. The first decent night of sleep is anything but. The thing though? It's a sign of things to come, you WILL sleep again but don't get your hopes up that just because it happened once that this is the new norm, your baby will sense that and immediately go back to waking every 2 hours. 

sleeping toddler
aww muffin... is she breathing? is that blanket too close to her face? what if she's sick?

Moms: there are so many firsts that our babies experience but also so many that we experience too. Just as we revel in the progression of our children, so should we too celebrate achieving our own milestones (minus the revenge of the uterus, that just sucks).

mom milestone - vacuuming with kid attached
the first time you realize you're getting NOTHING done unless you have a child attached to you

mom milestone - breastfeeding in car
the first time you breastfeed in a parking lot - obviously selfie-worthy

In the virtually endless lists of milestones remember that some are more important than others, some will stick with you for years to come, treasure those ones and try not to let the not-so-awesome ones drag you down (yes, I'm referring to YOU my angry little uterus). I'll leave this on a positive (cause I'm nice like that) here are some milestones you'll want to remember:

the first time you feel lost in love with your baby - for some it's the second that baby is placed on your chest or in your arms, for others it's later, once you've gotten to know each other a little better. It's beautiful, overwhelming and kind of scary. This love, this unconditional love is so big, so strong, so much greater than you ever imagined. The feeling of being right where you belong but also such a strong sense of vulnerability. Heavy stuff folks, heavy stuff.

mom milestone - holding baby first time
all the feels... I can't even

the first time your baby smiles at you - the first few weeks are hard for many (myself included), you're basically caring for a fairly unresponsive little person 24/7. You're tired, so very tried. Then they smile (and people will blame gas but you'll KNOW, you will KNOW it's real - stick with that, it's better that way) and somehow every moment, all the lack of sleep, all the milk-stained clothing somehow seems worth it. You'll spend the next few moments, weeks, months even years trying to make that baby smile and enjoying every single one. And then they laugh... oh the laughs.

mom milestones - first baby smile
OMG even now I just want to melt from cuteness

the first time you child spontaneously says "I love you" - Oh my heart. I vividly remember the first time this happened and obviously, being my unsentimental self, I cried my eyes out. I still find it the sweetest thing ever when my 3 year old says she loves me... well, so long as she's not after a freezie or something.

mom milestone - getting dressed by child
the first time you let your child dictate what you're wearing. The bib looks kinda nice on me, no? Also, that's a fake ice cream sandwich which is kinda just cruel. Now I want ice cream.

What mommy milestones stand out to you? I want the good, bad and obviously the hilarious!

mommy milestones simply shaunacey
Pretty sure I said to go BEFORE we left. Why is my back wet? 

WAIT, the fun isn't over yet friends, Abbie is sharing what dads bring (um, timely much?) on her blog so get there RIGHT NOW!!!! 

AND don't forget to come back next week to see how we answer your burning mom questions... or questions about burning something. Whatever.

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