Monday Moments of Gratitude - May 23, 2016

Monday, May 23, 2016

I'm so happy you're here!! 

I'm making a point to post on Mondays about moments I am grateful for in the past week. We can all use a little more intentional thinking about things we're grateful for. With that said, I hope you'll continue to join me in gratitude on Mondays :)

Here are a few moments from this past week that I am grateful for:

Writing this post - Okay so you're thinking "huh? That's weird" but I'm writing this post on my back deck, sitting in the sunshine with an ice cold beer. Oliver is napping and Annabelle and daddy are gone for a drive (he may or may not be trying to get her to nap too - praying to the long-weekend gods that we'll get a the double-rainbow of parent-hood, two kids napping at the SAME time!). The ONLY thing missing is the Blue Jays game on the radio... which starts soon but the battery just died (Brent, hurry UP!) 

blog writing on deck with a beer

Beautiful weather - it has FINALLY gotten nice here!! You have to understand that I literally cannot recall a May long-weekend with warm weather. It seems it's ALWAYS cold. Not this weekend friends, warm, sunny and simply GORGEOUS!! 

GIGGLES - you may have seen this on my Facebook page but if you haven't it came with a challenge: watch this video and try not to laugh or smile. You can't do it, it's impossible. Just me? My kids weren't happy at all to have time with daddy at the park. Clearly. 

Haircuts - you might have read that little man got his first haircut and once I was done being all sad about my little growing up I realized, he's even cuter than I ever imagined (and no, I'm not biased, not even a tiny bit). Seriously though, how cute is this kid? 

baby boys first haircut

Return of the wagon - that's misleading, technically our stolen wagon wasn't returned rather, I bought a new one (but got a great deal on it - like less than used ones are selling for, so go ME). Mr. B and I had fun assembling it Saturday night (alright, I was more supervising wine drinking) and surprised Annabelle Saturday morning. She was sooooo happy!!! She kept saying "it matches our older wagon" and also that we need to tell Swiper the Fox "NOOOOOOO swiping" lol. 

wagon and wine

Playing with my new fitbit - I recently bought my first fitbit and decided to go with the FitBit Charge HR (because I wanted a heart rate monitor) and I'm LOVING it! I tend to be super competitive and didn't realize how much this would motivate me to get moving. I've found myself walking in place just to get to a certain number of steps or doing random exercises to get to a certain number of active minutes. The ONLY downside, apparently I'm getting WAY less sleep than I ever imagined and that's WITH Oliver sleeping from 7:30-5:30. Yikes.

A bonus day  - My B typically works one day each weekend but long weekends mean that he gets two days home with us and that makes EVERYone happier! As many park trips as we had this week, having daddy there on Sunday just made the kids happier (plus, way easier for momma with some help). Monday will be spent out and about but still, together as a family. Our anniversary is coming up (June 1) and believe me when I say I am so very grateful for this man!

daddy and Oliver on swing

daddy and Annabelle at park

What moments are you grateful for this past week? Linkup your gratitude posts below!!

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