Monday Moments of Gratitude - May 2, 2016

Monday, May 2, 2016

monday moments of gratitude

I'm so happy you're here!! 

I'm making a point to post on Mondays about moments I am grateful for in the past week. We can all use a little more intentional thinking about things we're grateful for. With that said, I hope you'll continue to join me in gratitude on Mondays :)

I want to be honest here and tell you that I'm sitting down to write this post and the first thing that came to my mind was "it's been a tough week" and initially my recollection of the events of this past week was colored with a fairly negative brush. Then I thought a little more (and looked at pictures I had taken) and it got easier to recall and take pleasure in some of the more positive moments, some of the truly memorable ones.

You don't need the entire story of my week because, after all, this is supposed to be an act in creating positive energy; however, the quick run-down of the not-so-great included me getting the flu, our beloved wagon being stolen and me getting a head cold that quickly morphed into a sinus infection resulting in a not-so-cute swollen face. 

In the grand scheme of things it wasn't the worst week I've had and we got through it. Not only that, but some great memories were made and some beautiful moments had. THIS is why I do this series. At the end of a week I can sit down and, despite my initial negative reflection, I can fondly remember and be grateful for sweet moments I was blessed with. That, my friends, is a beautiful thing.

Here are a few moments from this past week that I am grateful for:

Enjoying my kiddos - this week there was a lot more time spent playing and a lot less time spent worrying about never-ending to-do lists. Not only was it freeing for myself, it was obvious the kids enjoyed more intentional time with mom. 

mom and kids on the stairs

Mom naps!! - truly, this past week I have probably taken more naps than I have since Oliver was born. I kid you not. Being sick the majority of the week, I allowed myself the rest by body so desperately needed. You know what? Naps are AWESOME!!! Sure, my floors didn't get washed but the house is still standing and a well-rested momma is a happy momma. 

A Saturday for Annabelle - after her heartbreak over the stolen wagon on Friday, I felt it important to make Saturday an awesome day and, if I do say so myself, it was a total success! The morning started with pancakes but it was made extra special by everyone eating at the island and pretending we were at  restaurant (guess who was the cook?). This sweet girl got such a kick out of it! 

dad and toddler at breakfast

I took little miss to the mall to exchange a duplicate doll she had received for her birthday. Little miss thang just loves the mall and had no problem strutting her stuff all over the place repeating "follow me momma". She's such a joy to watch sometimes and I cannot even tell you how many people stopped to tell me how cute she was (feel free to come visit during a tantrum, less cute then lol).

toddler at the mall

My shopper extraordinaire crashed on the way home but when she woke up we spent some time outside enjoying the sunshine.

toddler chilling on the patio

Dinner out with the kids - ya, you read that right, I said dinner WITH the kids was a highlight. We continued our super Saturday by taking the kids out to dinner. Naturally, it was a 4:30pm ordeal but both kids were on great behavior and it was the best dinner out we have had as a family. Yay. PLUS, I got to enjoy my favorite dessert that I haven't had in ages (because of the dairy hiatus, which has ended). 

My sweet girl being sweet - you ever catch your child doing something super sweet when they don't know you're watching? Sunday I felt awful. My sinus infection was at it's worst and I was exhausted. Brent had to work the first part of the day so I was parenting on my own. I put Oliver down for his morning nap and put on a show for Annabelle and told her I really need to rest. I fell in and out of sleep while she snuggled at my feet and played around the living-room. I woke a few times over the course of an hour to her hugging my head softly and giving me kisses as she thought I was sleeping. She was so good and quiet and sweet and even thinking about it now my heart swells. She knew I was sick and was tending to me, as I would her. 

Special mentions go to wagon rides (before the wagon was stolen, obviously), trips to the park, my husband being super sweet to my sick self, catching up on Grey's Anatomy and a hot bath.

What moments are you grateful for this past week? Linkup your gratitude posts below!!

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