it's just a haircut

Friday, May 20, 2016

baby boy's first haircut

it's JUST a haircut

"it's just a haircut" I told myself as we walked into the mall

my baby's 'do had grown out of control, this was necessary

"snip, snip"

it happened instantaneously

my baby transformed before my eyes

into something familiar but not recognizable

my baby morphed into my little boy

there it was:

that lingering feeling all mother's dread

the "when did you get so big?"

that fear that you'll blink and they'll be all grown up

I always call him "my little man" but he's never felt like it until now

I sit, sad and proud at the same time

Eager for the future but wanting time to stop

Did I cherish it all enough?

Did I delight in all the giggles as much as I could have?

A quick search of my phone confirms I have most definitely captured all the moments

But will I remember them with the clarity, albeit sleep-deprived, that I have now?

Or will they fade a little, start to get hazy as each milestone, each year is surpassed?

Today I find myself staring a little longer

At this boy, MY little boy, changing before my eyes

I start to tear up but the little brute has knocked something over before they spill down onto my cheeks

He looks at me wondering if he's in trouble

No my sweet boy

I don't resist the urge to pick him up

I smell his newly short hair, kiss his chubby cheeks and am reminded

No matter how old he is, baby, boy or man

He will always be my baby

It's just a haircut after all

my handsome blue eye'd baby boy

it's just a haircut