#whatmomsgoogle is taking a vacation

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Hi mommas, we're so glad you're back for another round; however, #whatmomsgoogle is taking a little vacation. It's not you, it's us. For real though.

We LOVE #whatmomsgoogle and even more than that we love the ladies who have been coming back week after week and commiserating with us. We also know that you'll understand that, especially after we talked about mom breaks last week, your resident hot-mess mommas are in need of a little hiatus.

Both Abbie and I look forward to planning our posts and are still so excited about this series but now that the snow has FINALLY disappeared we are both hoping to put a little more focus on ourselves and our littles as we both prepare for some major life events (a big move, family events and return to work to name a few).

This is NOT a breakup (it's not you, it's us) and we WILL be back (pinky swear). We will keep you posted on our return date!!

In the meantime, we're still taking questions so feel free to ask away:

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