what happens in Vegas...

Thursday, April 21, 2016

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"... ya, well, not when you're a blogger friends.

First, you need to know this will not be the play-by-play account of my Vegas trip because I'm apparently still suffering from jet-lag, had a play-date today, a photo-shoot tonight (that sounds quite glamorous doesn't it? lol) AND had to scoot on over to the hospital to meet my NEW NIECE (Grace, the sweetest little thing).

Soooooooo this is going to be a super quick run down with a few quick snapshots. Good thing my fellow travelers are posting their recaps so you can probably just add some wine to their adaptations and consider that my trip. Fair?

Vegas in Summary

We attended the BAM 2016 conference. Yes, BAM stands for Bloggers at Midlife. While I like to think I'm not quite there yet, some of the sessions sounded great and it was in Vegas soooo ya, sign me up.
In short, got some fun swag, met some cool ladies and learned some bloggy stuff. I would have liked to get to know some of the other attendees a little better (some ice breaker activities might have helped that) and some intentional networking activities (a business card exchange or something).
Given that it was a conference very much directed at Women at Midlife, there were times I kind of felt a little like I didn't belong or shouldn't be there. I can't really say if I felt that way because of my own insecurities or if there was something else going on. Perhaps this was something I should have anticipated heading to this conference? I did meet a few pretty awesome women so I consider it a win.
The sponsors (and there were some AMAZING ones) were engaging and all around phenomenal and I got a new graphic tee AND lots of homeopathic goods from Boiron.
there were some sessions that I found incredibly motivating and that really served to help me figure out what direction I want to go (more on that another day... still sorting stuff out).

Blog friends:
This trip was essentially one giant friend-blind date. Seriously. Have you ever flown across the continent to meet up with people you've never met before only to spend a weekend with them? Um probably not.
If you think about it, it's kind of sketchy lol.
Thankfully, for the most part, everyone was just how I thought they'd be and there weren't any crazy surprises. Okay, that's a lie, I pegged Christy ALL wrong!! She technically didn't come with us, but Deena and I met up with her in Calgary during our layover. She's so outgoing and chatty and for some reason I pictured her as shy and quiet. WRONG. But in the best way you can be wrong. She's awesome and super stylish and I could see us getting some mean shopping done!

Oh geez, now do I go through everyone? I can't, it's almost my bed time.
Deena, Sarah, Carrie, Lana, Alison and Sheila were all just how I imagined for the most part. I seriously have a love for this group of gals that can't be described. Maybe it was the lack of children, but I felt like myself for the first time in a long time.

As excited I was to reunite with my kids (more on that later too), my heart broke a little bit saying good bye to everyone knowing it would probably be a good while before we met again (except Deena, she's a glutton for punishment and coming my way this summer - sucker).

me and mu bff listening to the Jays on the plane

I promise to write more later but I'm sleep-deprived and have a toddler birthday party to plan (Saturday, yes THIS Saturday. FYI: going away before your kid's birthday and saving all the 'to-do's' til the last minute is BAD idea!).

LOVE this girl!! I swear, she's even prettier in person and can do hair like no one I have ever seen. Do you think I got her to do mine? Um no, I'm an idiot.

afternoon drinks and waiting for the Bellagio fountain

hey LADIES!!!!

No big deal, just a street named after me... whatever.

SHOPPING!! Deena (aka 'shopper extraordinaire' is taking pic)

enroute to Vegas I saw the shadow of our plane circled by a rainbow... WEIRD but super cool, no?!

I had high-hopes for this post but I'm getting sleepier by the minute and there's no way I can capture all the awesomeness that was this trip.
I'll leave you with this: sometimes, you need to get out of your comfort zone to realize how awesome life is, that your kids can survive without you and more over, that YOU can survive being away from them. You are still your own person, parenting aside, and YOU get to decide what your life looks like. You get to chose who you spend time with and how you spend that time. It's a gift, all of it, use it wisely. Oh and eat the the good food and drink the yummy wine. 

Until next time...

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