To Annabelle on her 3rd birthday

Friday, April 22, 2016


Three years ago today you made me a mom.

YOU made me a mom.

Here we are, three years later and a little brother thrown into the mix.

By now you know I am not a perfect mom. I yell sometimes, get frustrated and I don't get everything right. I am sure you know those things but I hope you know other stuff as well. The good stuff.

I hope you know, no, I hope you FEEL how much and how fiercely I love you .I hope you know there is not one single thing I wouldn't do for you.

I trust, that when I snuggle you in bed at night, that you feel love emanating from me because I truly feel consumed by it at times, my love for you.

I want you to know you are perfect. Even when you are being defiant and I reprimand, know that I first look away because I'm smiling at how strong your spirit is. Remember that prior to consequence, I am laughing under my breath at whatever hilarious line you came out with. Never forget that no matter how many timeouts you might get, my love for you never takes a timeout, it's here, waiting for you to stop tantruming long enough to revel in it again. It will always be here, waiting for you whenever you need it. 

Know that you are the best big sister in the whole wide world. Sure, you could be gentler at times, but your enthusiasm for your brother is beautiful to watch. Yes, I often wonder if your choke hold hug will render him unconscious, but I know your heart is in the right place. Also, in case this changes, you should know that your brother looks at you unlike he looks at any one else. I cannot tell you the number of times I have asked you to come over and just talk to him to make him smile because, no matter how grumpy he is, one look at you and he's smiling again. The love and adoration he has for you is palpable. I delight in the moments when he smiles as you and you proudly exclaim "mommy, he likes me" no, my sweet girl, he loves you and of course he does, who wouldn't?!

If, when placing baby orders, I got to pick the exact personality I would want my baby girl to have, it would be yours. 

You are calm and quiet at times but mostly outgoing and wild. 

I can't quite capture in words the intricacies of your spirit but it is a strong and wondrous one. You, my dear girl, are going to do and be all of the things because already, at just three years old today, you have such a fire in you, such a strong will but so much kindness. 

You are the perfect balance of all things.

Annabelle, you are beautiful, and not just because you are adorable but because you have such a kind heart. I think of when we went to meet the Easter Bunny and all the kids were taking candy out of his basket to put in their own, and you, you my sweet girl, took a few candies out of your own basket and gave them to him. I am reminded of all times your brother has cried and you have either rushed over to comfort him or beckoned me to do so. You offer to help me clean and always enjoy tidying up while singing the cleanup song. You are also really good at making messes. 

You're also so brilliant and you surprise me daily with the things you have learned (and I'm quickly learning to watch my tongue because you have the most amazing ability to recall all the poor choices of words I have used).

Your independence is something I both admire and fear. No one can get you to do something you don't want to do (including me) and you are quite happy to entertain yourself with all your toys for hours. You're quick and busy and getting a still picture of you is next to impossible.

My heart is full today but a little sad because you're truly not a baby anymore. You are growing into this courageous, fearless and strong young girl who I am so very proud to be mom to.

On your third birthday know that I love you so very much and that you gave me the most precious gift three years ago when you made me a mom, your mom. My wish for you today is that you continue to foster that beautiful spirit of yours and that you embrace all that this life has to offer because, my sweetheart, you deserve it all.

Happy birthday Annabelle.

**check out Miller Ellis who take the majority of our professional pictures**