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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

14 bloggers each picked a look that defined their personal style.  The featured blogger on the Blended Blog showcases her signature style (the prompt for that day) and then the other bloggers (on their personal blogs) show how they interpret it AND you get to join in on the fun by linking up!!! (prompts at bottom of post)

Did you miss how to style a graphic tee last week?? Well, the Blended Bloggers did NOT disappoint. Here's a photo recap:

Did you know there were so many ways to style a graphic tee? How's that for inspiration.

and the GIVEAWAY for a "Hello I'm Fabulous" tee, bag and sunglasses (thanks to Chico's) isssssssss Denise Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be emailing you fabulous lady!

Oh and check me out over at Jersey Girl, Texan Heart as one of the most clicked in her linkup (YAY!!)

Now... onto all things plaid....

A Plaid Look (for Spring)

I've got to admit, when I saw this prompt I panicked a little because I'm pretty sure I exhausted all my plaid pieces in the fall when I went slightly mad for plaid

A few deep breathes and I realized it's okay to use the same plaid shirt I wore in the fall. No need to run to the mall for this one folks. Change up your footwear, roll up the jeans and good to go.

Here's my laid-back Spring plaid style for you:

note to self: smile in pics or you look really mean... 

The shoe saga

I fell in LOVE with these shoes (originally from the 70s) and immediately ordered a pair online. They arrived and were way too big. 
Fine, I thought, I'll return them and get another size.
Nope. Apparently I bought the last pair even close to my size in Canada. 
Cue tears. Alright, I didn't actually cry (swear) but I did get into "I MUST own those shoes" mode. 
I thought and thought and then it came to me: I'm meeting some lovely American bloggers this week and one of them is driving to Vegas so my shoes won't take up room in a suitcase.
I shyly asked Sarah (one of my fellow Blended Bloggers) if I could order the shoes from a US site to her house and she could bring them to Vegas. She said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whew. Sidenote: Sarah is the sweetest person of life, shoe assistance aside, and had I have known this I wouldn't have been worried about asking lol.
The shoes arrived and I made Sarah try them on (she's the same size as me) so I wouldn't be disappointed in Vegas. Perfect fit!!
I'm happy to report the shoes also fit me perfectly and were the best addition to my travel wardrobe (comfy casual for walking - YES please!!).

FYI: I liked this mirror because I'm definitely not as small in real-life as I appear here

Have you ever gotten fixated on adding a certain piece to your wardrobe? What have you done to get it?

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