after a lot of thought....

Friday, April 1, 2016

It's been a few tough challenging weeks for me blog-wise.

A lot of struggles with what to write and feeling insecure about my writing.

I've decided to throw in the towel. It's been a good run and I've met some amazing people and I hope to keep all those relationships a part of my life.

Or not.

I couldn't resist.

It is April Fools day after all :)

Sorry, I know there's a few of you I may have actually freaked out.

Are you one of those people always falls for the fake news stories? I totally am. Every. Single. Time. Even as I write this post and am hyper aware of the day, I will still likely get sucked into some crazy story.

For real though, I have been struggling with blogging lately.

So many people think that if you have something to say that you simply just sit down and write it. That you post, it goes viral and the rest is history.

Um nope.

Blogging is a lot of work. Although, most of you reading are bloggers, so you already know that.

Writing posts is a small percentage of the actual time put in. There's responding to comments, reading and commenting on other people's blogs and social media-ing. Oh social media. That in itself could literally be a full-time job. Legit.

Then there's picture taking (although, admittedly, my iphone-selfies don't take up that much time lol), editing, collaborations, link-ups and emailing - oh MY! I could go on forever.

That's just the work but there's an emotional investment and toll too.

I'm just one blog-fish in a HUGE ocean. As much as you try not to compare, it's hard not to feel like someone is saying the same thing as you, only better.

The whole thing is full of feelings of rejection and self-doubt.

But I continue...

The number one reason I keep doing this is that I have such wonderfully supportive network of women. My fellow bloggers, the fantastic women at The Blended Blog, two of whom (Abbie and Deena) have provided me an immense amount of support lately. This would probably be a real 'I quit' post had it not been for their ongoing and consistent words of encouragement.

Honestly, the thing I least expected from blogging is the thing I value the most, the relationships. Like many, when I started I had planned for this to be an 'outlet' for me. It's absolutely still that, but it's also a support system.

I'm clearly not a world-famous blogger and I don't have the time that I'd like to devote to this place. I will continue to experience these feelings of overwhelm and self-doubt, but, as I talk to other bloggers, I think that's a cyclical thing and part of the process. It serves to remind me why I am here, to re-evaluate what I am doing and how I am doing it and to hopefully improve and move forward.

THANK YOU. Thank you to all of those who read and listen and support, not just me, but everyone else as they try and find their voice while remaining true to themselves. I do this for me but I stay because of YOU!

Fellow bloggers, I have some questions and I hope you'll answer them because you might just be helping someone who needs some words of encouragement right now.

What parts of blogging do you struggle with?

How do you cope?

Despite all of the challenges, what makes you continue?

What advice do you have for other bloggers who might be struggling right now?

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