the promise of Spring

Friday, March 18, 2016

spring tulips

For me, being home with children over the winter is challenging. It's usually quite cold here and there's a lot of snow. They're too young to do a heck of a lot in the cold outdoors... or maybe I use that as an excuse so I don't have to get dressed leave the house. Either way, winter means being primarily housebound. 

If we do leave the house, winter means piling loads of clothes on to get to the car, only to have to take them off so no one is overheating (read: losing their ever-loving minds) during the brave journey to where ever it is we have boldly (or stupidly... whatever) decided to go. 

Being stuck inside most of the time means I'm constantly reminded of the all to-dos that are not getting done. For some reason it seems easier to let those things go when we are outside having fun and away from the unfolded laundry and unwashed floors.

Winter means constantly being the entertainment source for two little people. Okay, let's be serious, I'm that anyways it's just easier to accept that in the warm sunshine.

Winter can be tiring and lonely.

Then that day comes. 

You know the day, the one with the promise of spring.

The first day with unseasonably high temperatures, bright sunshine, wet streets from melted snow and people taking any opportunity they can to get outside, the really excited ones in shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops.

The day where it's not time for full-on Spring just yet and there's likely snow in the not-so-distant future, but Spring came to visit for a day just to let you know that it's around the corner (even if that corner includes a blizzard). 

We had that day last week. 

Oh how I needed a taste of Spring to wake me out of my hibernation. To grab me by the shoulders and give me a good shake "WAKE UP MOMMA".

I'm awake (thanks to 2 4 cups of coffee).

Time to bust out the the stroller, pull out the patio chairs and pick up the dog poop. 

The air just smells sweeter when it's sunny and warm (and once above-mentioned dog poop is picked up otherwise, ew).

I remember this day even as a child, every year, that first taste of spring.

As kids we found ourselves eagerly digging through the garage for the skipping ropes and baseball gloves disregarding the fact that they'd soon be left haphazardly in the front yard, the drive way or in the middle of the front hall (despite how many times we were told to pick them up).

Donning our rubber boots for the first time in what seemed like forever. Pulling out the bicycles with a rushed anticipation and coming home, backs marked with a line of mud spewed from our busy tires.

Spring seems synonymous with freedom. As a kid and even when you're a stay-at-home-mom. Nothing really changes... except the weather... and our moods, the time, our sleep and our perspective... okay so maybe everything changes.

Life appears to get a little easier. Parenting too, a little less challenging knowing you can set the minions loose outside (with appropriate supervision of course).

Spring may not be here yet, but it's promise is and that's enough to keep this momma going...

To my fellow cold-weather friends: I hope you've gotten that day and are now laying in anticipated wait for what the warmer weather holds too!

To my warm-weather friends: do you just feel happy ALL the time?! Maybe I need to move somewhere where it's Spring all the time, but then, maybe the novelty would wear off... or not.