how to help your teething baby

Friday, March 11, 2016

There's really no other way to say it: teething SUCKS.

You've read the signs your baby is teething and determined that your babe is awaiting some chompers! You know what's coming. Now what?

Thankfully, having done this before, this time I'm armed with an arsenal of tips and tricks to help my little man and maybe help you and your little too.

  1. Camilia - homeopathic drops intended to provide relief for your teething little. They really do seem to provide relief so I keep these little tubes EVERYwhere (my purse, the change table, the bathroom).
  2. washcloth - you KNOW you received more washcloths at your shower than you will ever need for bathing and washing. Dampen a clean washcloth and throw in the freezer, leave a few minutes and voila, the perfect teether! Our little man even just likes a clean damp cloth.
    WARNING: do NOT leave it in the freezer too long, cold hands and all that. I don't want anyone blaming a frostbit baby on me.
  3. mesh feeders - not just for feeding! Throw some frozen banana or peas (or whatever your babe likes) and let them have at it! They get a little nutrients AND the handle keeps their mitts warm. Tip: if your babe is too little for solids or you're delaying solids or if you just want to, you can freeze some breastmilk (formula might work too but I honestly have no idea) and throw milk cube in there!
  4. a teaspoon - what? for real, your little gummy bear will love you for this one! Stick a teaspoon (the little one) in the fridge (NOT freezer) for a few minutes and let them chew on it! This is Oliver's fav!!
    Use common sense here and watch your child because they may stick the thin end in their mouth and gag themselves. Repeatedly. Also, this is best for littles who haven't gotten any teeth at all (and honestly, who wants to hear little teeth chomping on metal, not I).
  5. a baby carrier - if your kiddo is inconsolable, carry them. Your arms and back will thank you if you put them in a carrier. For a while this was the only thing that could calm my little guy down. Lifesaver.
  6. medication - Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen (if your baby is over 6 months) are my last resort go-tos. Sometimes, nothing else works and your little just needs some relief. I refer to these as 'the big guns' and sometimes you just have to bust them out.
  7. Sophie - this rubber giraffe is a baby registry staple. Her leggy shape is perfect for tiny little hands to hold onto.
  8. Hylands teething gel - another homeopathic fav. This gel is applied to the gums and is supposed to help with pain. It helps and it's benzocaine-free!

    BONUS TIP: distraction
    - when dealing with a teething baby, this may be your most valuable tool. Take them for a walk, give them a bath (assuming they like baths, otherwise, bad idea), sing some songs or make stupid faces. Trust me, if nothing else works, you'll do whatever it takes.  

did I miss any good ones?

What are your go-to teething tips?