how to get your curls to last two days and L'Oreal Color Radiance review

Thursday, March 31, 2016

I love looking put together even when I feel anything but and least amount of effort required to do this, the better.

When I manage to actually do my hair, I want to make it last as long as possible. Given my mom-status, my time getting ready is seriously limited (especially now that the littlest minion is on the move and into everything) so if I can do my hair once and have it last two days, that's awesome-sauce.

how to get your curls to last two days

what you need:
flat iron or curl wand
hair spray
dry shampoo
a silk scrunchie (a la 1980s - don't pretend you don't have one of these tucked away somewhere, if not, I found mine at the dollar store 2 for $1 - boom!).

Day 1 - curl hair. I do this either using a straightening iron (if you don't know how to do this, WHAT?! it's life-changing. Let me know, I could be willing to do a tutorial) OR curling wand. I curl my head in sections and then give a light spray of hairspray (I usually pick one that reads "light hold" so as to avoid helmet head). 

Day 1 before bed - flip your head upside down and gently twist hair into a bun on the very top of your head. I say "gentle" because if you do it too tight, you'll pull the curls out. You must use a silk scrunchie (this is key!!!).

How much do I love you? Enough to post a morning pre-makeup selfie. Eeek.

Day 2 - drag yourself out of bed, pull out scrunchie, spray roots with dry shampoo (unless you're fortunate enough to not have oily hair... lucky you) and gently finger brush hair.

Voila. Loose waves with very little effort. 

curly hair day two
I clean up alright, huh?! 
Note to self: close bathroom door prior to taking selfies with ensuite in the background. Whoopsies. 
Also, call hair-stylist stat, this natural ombre business is getting ridiculous.

You are welcome. 

Speaking of hair. I recently received some L'Oreal Color Hair Expertise products to try as a part of Influenster (free stuff to review, yes please!). 

I was sent shampoo, conditioner and "Instant Miracle" all products from L'Oreal's new line: Color Radiance.

l'oreal color radiance before and after
this was after about 2 weeks using only the Color Radiance products.

My thoughts:

The shampoo and conditioner smell lovely. The instant miracle smells a little less lovely (slightly checmical-y smell). 

My hair is softer and looks significantly less frizzy (i.e. dead) and smells quite nice post-washing/conditioning.

There's a shine to my hair that wasn't there before; however, my hair feels a little heavier and weighed down which isn't always ideal for someone with very fine hair (read: seriously lacking volume). Now, I curl my hair regularly and thought that it would make it harder for curls to stay but I haven't at that issue at all (whew).

It's fairly inexpensive so I'd probably buy it again and keep it's middle of the road as a whole, especially when I've used some great salon products.

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