what I wore on a date!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

If you've been keeping up with my Monday Moments of Gratitude then you already know that Mr. B and I went on our first (and much needed) date in a long time this past weekend.

He sprang the date on me at the last minute and I struggled to figure out what to wear with items in my closet. I wanted to dress up but not wear a dress.

Well, I will have you know that I wore two pieces that throw me completely out of my comfort zone: leather-like leggings and a fur vest. YIKES!!

How I envisioned my date night outfit:

date night outfit

Here's how I wore it:

if you follow me on Instagram then you've already seen this preview, sorry for the repeat!

Also, how do you like that smokey eye?! Go big or go home, right?

Sorry for the crap pic quality... light outside the restaurant was less than ideal.. food was awesome, so I consider that a win and let's be serious, my pics aren't typically known for their brilliant photography.

I have to thank my blog-friend Deena for making me buy these leggings (and because I've seen her style hers so well). As much as they throw me out of my comfort zone, they also make me feel a little sassy and there's nothing wrong with that (plus, Mr. B is a big fan)!

What's your go-to date night outfit?

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