what I REALLY wore this winter

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Most of you know, I live in Canada (Central Ontario to be precise). Typically we get quite a bit of snow (no, we do NOT live in Igloos). This year has been abnormally mild; however, we still have snow and it's still below 0 almost all of the time.

As much as I like to post outfits with me wearing cute shoes, the reality of the situation is I'm usually wearing a winter jacket and winter boots when I venture out of the house. So, yes, any pics of me in anything other than winter boots, well... I'm changing my shoes shortly after :) gotta be practical people, nobody likes snow in their shoes.

Practical winter wear:

winter wear

Here's how I wear it:

There it is... what I really look like heading out and about... actually, add a diaper bag, a purse, an infant car seat (baby included) and a toddler and that's about accurate... oh and coffee, there's always a coffee.

What do you really look like this winter?

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