time for a change

Friday, February 12, 2016

Come the end March, I will have been blogging for two years. Crazy.

I remember making the decision to start a blog. My initial purpose was to document my struggle journey out of gym clothes and to figure out my personal style. I'm proud to say, most days, that when I'm wearing workout clothes I'm usually wearing them for their intended purpose, working out.

I certainly still have many (MANY) moments where I would be considered a 'frumpy mommy' but I allow myself those times because they usually follow a night/week of little-to-no sleep. Plus, let's be serious, I'd even hate me if I looked like I had my shit together ALL of the time while parenting two kids under the age of 3. Rest assured, this is NOT the case.

Now what?

After much thought and brainstorming (thanks to my friends at The Blended Blog for being my sounding board AND for helping with figure things out) I'm changing things up.

My blog name is going to change, the look of my blog is going to change and my content is going to change (a little).

I'm going to be REAL honest here. For the most part, I speak in my normal voice. I write about things I want to share or am passionate about; however, there have been times where I have written posts just to write posts. Now, because you're all so awesome, you stick around and you write thoughtful comments BUT it's not fair. It's not fair that I put something out into blogland that I'm not super excited about and that I don't really want to share. Plus, it's really a waste of my time to sit down and write stuff just to write it. I want to write because I WANT to write. I want to create because I'm feeling creative. I want to share stuff that I feel is worthy of sharing.

What will you see here? I'm going to make a point to be more intentional about what I'm putting out. There will still be reviews and stuff (because, who doesn't like getting free stuff?) but I'm going to try and be more selective with my content. There will still be style related stuff because, well, I like it and a girl has got to get dressed. There will also be a lot of parenting-related stuff and more about me trying to make this the best life possible. I want you to feel like you know me when you're reading my posts. Sound good? Alrighty-then, let's do this!

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you. Some of you have been around pretty much the entire time I have been blogging. I have made some amazing friendships and new ones continue to form. I'm clearly not going to be making millions blogging anytime soon (darn!) but what keeps me at it is the people, YOU people. Plus, I kinda like chilling with my coffee/wine (time of day appropriate, of course) while writing, it's my outlet, a much needed and appreciated one.

So that's where we are at. Stay tuned because I'm sooooo excited to share this with you!!