Monday Moments of Gratitude - February 22, 2016

Monday, February 22, 2016

This week's post is dedicated to Nicole Marchand who grew her angel wings last week. Nicole is the person who inspired me to practice gratitude. ALL of these posts are a tribute to the legacy she has left here on earth. 

I'm so happy you're here!! 

I'm making a point to post on Mondays about moments I am grateful for in the past week. We can all use a little more intentional thinking about things we're grateful for. With that said, I hope you'll continue to join me in gratitude on Mondays :)

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It's been a challenging week around these parts. Losing someone you care about is never easy; however, if there's anything I have learned from Nicole, it's that we need to be thankful for the gifts we are given. 

Even though there were many tears this week, there was also laughter and joy.

Here are a few moments from this past week that I am grateful for:

New blog!!! Alright, this has come with a LOT of hiccups but, I'm still super excited about the new name and design... hopefully everything else will just get sorted out.

Breaking the rules. I think I've said before how I'm kinda strict about food outside of the kitchen. Well, rules are made to be broken. Mini-me was so excited when I asked her if she wanted to share a banana on the couch. She also enjoyed making silly faces for the camera.

Daddy-daughter naptime. Sure, I may have enjoyed this more had I gotten in on the nap bit, BUT it was super cute to see them all cuddled up on the couch.  

Shoveling snow. Sometimes, when life gets challenging, you just need to change it up. For me, that was getting outside and shoveling now. It turned into a really beautiful moment just when I needed it. 

 National wine day. Because, who doesn't love a nice glass bottle of wine?!

A nap. I was feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted Thursday morning. I decided to say 'screw it' to my ever-growing to-do list and nap when little-man napped. It was GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, I kicked it into high gear after and ended up getting a ton of stuff done. Go me. Note to self: nap more.

Breakfast. I LOVE breakfast. Wanna know the truth? The same day I took this pic we also had breakfast for dinner (another one of my favorite things); however, if I'm being honest, the dinner version was not nearly healthy as this one as it included bacon and hashbrowns (and no tomato or avocado) #whathappenswhenbrentcooks

Pooping on the potty! I should be clear: mini-me pooping on the potty. Sorry, almost got weird for a second there.
No pic, as excited as I was, this was one time I decided to leave the camera alone.
My kid is a potty-training super-star and thank the sweet Lord for that because I couldn't handle to change another #2 'accident'. Oh wait, we have another kid in diapers. AWESOME.

Finger foods. Little man LOVES to eat. That's an understatement: this kid is a beast. I decided to overcook him some carrots for supper. It was adorable watching him shovel them in his mouth. Guess he was ready for finger foods. YAY for less spoon feeding (yes, more mess, but we're being positive here, roll with it).

Workouts. I'm one of those people who never really enjoys working out and even though I've been fairly consistent the last few weeks, I'm still not a fan. What I do like is the feeling after I work out. I managed to get 5 workouts in this week and I feel pretty great about that!

Morning cuddles. Ya, ya, I say this every week. Well here's the thing: Mr. B went to work early Saturday morning. I was little bummed out he was working and I was sooooo tired. You know what helps every time? Cuddling with these little cuties (the dog had to get in on the action too). 

What moments are you grateful for this past week? Linkup your gratitude posts below!!

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