January in numbers

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A day late but here is a peek at what my January looked like... in numbers

1 - kick-ass snowman built. Yes, that warranted some strong language, take a peek and tell me we didn't go a great job. Okay, maybe I'm overselling it, but mini-me and I were quite proud.

6 - number of months old my little man turned. WHAT?! How the heck has half a year passed?!

3294729384 - the number of times little man smiled. It feels like I have a new child, he went from a Grumpy Gus to the happiest little thing. Yes, I miss dairy, but it's so so so worth it.

8 - the number of consecutive hours little man slept. Sweet glorious sleep. I missed you... even more than I miss cheese.

4 - number of playdates. Playdates are my favorite... the kids even have fun too.

1 - dance recital. Cuteness overload. She didn't follow hardly any instructions but she's 2.5 and she was a rockstar.

8 (ish) - dance parties at home. When in doubt: dance it out. Works EVERYtime! Grumpy? Let's have a dance party! Throwing a tantrum? Dance party time! Don't want a bath? Dance party in the bathtub!

1 - dinner out with a friend, as mentioned in my Monday Moments of Gratitude post. I need to get out more... like WAY more.

2 - movies watched. Man, I used to watch a lot more movies. Mr. B and I watched "Straight Outta Compton" and as a family we watched "Inside Out". Both movies were AWESOME for completely opposite reasons lol. I highly recommend you watch either/both.

15 - the number of workouts I did. Not even lying folks, I worked out 15 times!!!!!!

1 - number of trips booked. That's right friends, this momma is taking a vacay! Well, technically I'm attending a conference but I'm still getting away for 4 days in April!!! Where to? VEGAS!! I've never been so I'm looking forward to checking it out though it won't be the kind of trip I always imagined Vegas would be... I think my wild days are long behind me. I look forward to attending the conference, drinking some wine and perhaps lounging by a pool without worrying about a child falling in.

1 - google hangout with awesome blog friends who I'll be meeting in person for above-mentioned Vegas trip!! FUN!!! Check out The Blended Blog for more info on our upcoming trip!

In January  I made a choice, I made a choice to become happier. You know what? It's working. When I think back about this past month there were definitely stressful moments/events etc. BUT those aren't what stand out. I am trying to be more positive and not just saying that's what I'm doing but actually doing it and it feels good. I feel good.

I hope you all had a wonderful January and here's to an even better February *raising wine glass* (and yes, I actually DO have a glass of wine - shocking, I'm sure).

Make sure you check out my sweet friend Deena's blog Shoes to Shiraz (aka my Vegas travel companion) as she's hosting a linkup for the "month in numbers" posts!

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